• World Punjabi TV Network

World Punjabi TV Network

The World Punjabi TV Network Private Roku Channel provides you with 8 free streaming tv channels with live tv, movies, worship, cartoons and more.

The following World Punjabi TV Network Channels are available:

World Punjabi TV
7 SEA USA (not working)
Sik Channel USA
Khalsa Channel
FAST NEWS (not working)
Star Live
TV COLORS (not working)
WORLD MUSIC (not working)
Krishna-TV (not working)
PunjabiStar (not working)
DAY IN DAY (not working)
GOLD ONE TV (not working)

The channels that did work loaded quickly and were at or near HD quality. The KIDS TV channel was the only channel that was playing cartoons, the other channels were broadcasting live feed, movies, tv serials and more. For more information view the six channel preview images above.


Do you have the World Punjabi TV Network Private Roku Channel on your Roku? Let us know which channels you like in the comments!

If you discover any of the channels marked above as not working, start working again please let us know in the comments so we can update this information.


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  1. sanke says:

    app not loading

  2. Mocha Javaman says:

    Pretty much useless altogether. Too bad.

  3. puneet says:

    none of my channels are working

  4. happy sidhu says:

    World Punjabi TV Network is good

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