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WeatherNation TV is a 24/7 local, regional and national television weather news service. The WeatherNation TV service features a 24/7 television broadcast, including live severe coverage, but also a wide variety of weather news segments and forecasts on demand.


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5 Responses to WeatherNationTV

  1. Richard Venables says:

    Have Ultra Roku and still can’t get Weather Nation to load. This just started tonight. What is the problem? Why are we not given a list of “problem channels” rather than having to uninstall, reinstall and wonder WTH is happening!?

  2. Butch says:

    Got a Roku 3 with 100 Mbps Internet … everything else on Roku working perfectly .. WeatherNation … nada, zip, zilch, zero .. live video is dead !

  3. Franklin Townsend says:

    Why do you spend so very little time on the eastern part of the country? Don’t you think waether matters there as well? The only time you mention it is when hurricanes are out there, and then that’s all you focus on. This is why I have loaded and deleted this app a couple of times since you started on Roku. It seems you have not changed one bit. You should re-name your channel Weather Nation of the Midwest and West and complete your neglect of the rest of the country but just not bothering at all. It takes about two hours of watching, with almost half of that eaten up by commercials to glean the smallest amount of weather information concerning the east and north east. What info we get isn’t worth the wait or frustration.

  4. phreedm says:

    Yes…happening to me also….any solutions?

  5. vahillbillie says:

    Anyone else having issues with Weather Nation freezing/rebooting their Roku? (I have a Roku 2 XS) It’s been happening every time I load the channel for over a week now. Very Frustrating. :(

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