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The free WatchESPN app lets you keep up with your sports anytime, anywhere. Watch live games and studio shows with 24/7 access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, ESPNews and ESPN Deportes. You can also watch on-demand clips of the latest news and highlights.

Access to live streaming video from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, ESPNews and ESPN Deportes is determined by your TV. The providers below offer access to WatchESPN live video:

– AT&T U-verse
– Bright House Networks
– Charter
– Comcast XFINITY
– Cox
– Midcontinent Communications
– Optimum
– Time Warner Cable
– Verizon FiOS TV

Please check back regularly as new TV providers are added. Access to on-demand highlights and news is available to everyone regardless of provider.

The WatchESPN app offers live streaming access to thousands of games and events on the ESPN networks, including:

– Monday Night Football
– NBA Regular Season and Playoffs
– Major League Baseball
– The Masters, U.S. Open and The Open Championship
– College Football and Basketball
– All four Grand Slam tennis events

Get up-to-the-minute news, highlights and analysis with live streaming of your favorite ESPN shows, including:

– SportsCenter
– College GameDay
– Mike & Mike
– SportsNation
– Baseball Tonight

Developer: ESPN


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70 Responses to WatchESPN

  1. Don Barber says:

    I can’t even find WatchESPN on or searching via Roku???????

    • JENNIFER Wallace says:

      Me neither. Went to look tonight to watch a reply of college football and couldn’t find the channel

      • Mikael says:

        Same here. Can’t find it on Roku and WatchESPN is no longer on my Apple TV for free under ATT Uverse as it used to be for years.

        What a warren of rabbit holes the whole TV “experience” is turning into these days. Holes into which your dollars keep falling with totally unpredictable payoff.

    • john g. says:

      I had the app on my roku but it’s gone now and I can’t seem to find it to get it back what the hell !

  2. Charlie says:

    I cannot get the devise it won’t let me sign in.

  3. Brian Griffin says:

    Trash app that can’t stream without buffering. Great content in theory but virtually unwatchable. Also, I have fiber optic internet, and the roku is WIRED (despite being marketed as a wireless product) from a great router. If someone tells me to use sling: (1) you’re fundamentally missing the point of reviewing watchespn app, and (2) you most likely work for sling. Again trash app until it can stream consistently.

  4. greg says:

    Roku may not be the greatest device but this app rarely works without some type of hiccup. It doesn’t matter which platform/device, watchESPN ALWAYS having some type of issues.

  5. Fedupwiththeives says:

    Using ROKU 3100X and Watch ESPN HAS NEVER EVER worked. Total SHAM. Time to get US AG & FCC involved and maybe some hefty fines will get the ESPN thieves to fix their shamware. First they steal our sports and now monopolize the networks. Time for anti-trust lawsuits and DOJ investigation. ESPN has grown TOO BIG and WAY TOO dominating.

  6. Name says:

    I try to watch Monday night football with the Roku3 on ESPN and it is always blurry. Other channels do not have this problem.

  7. Bruce MacDonald says:

    Hi. I us my Roku w/ SlingTV which runs over Cox Comm. internet. I also run SlingTV on my phone which when at home runs over Cox Comm. internet. I can watch WatchESPN via their app on my phone by selecting SlingTV as the provider. I cannot watch WatchESPN via the Roku app on my TV as I do not get an option to log in via SlingTV. It basically says my provider doesn’t allow it. Just wondering why the difference and if there is any way to change the provider in the Roku app?

  8. Dktrpeppa says:

    I just got Roku 2 weeks ago. I had ESPN for that time, now Comcast has required us to upgrade to get many channels we had before…AMC Cnn ESPN. Etc…
    What happened Roku? I don’t want to go back to cable, but no Monday Night Football!!!!! HELP

  9. m c edwards says:

    I have Roku 3 and was able to watch college baseball games on Espn 1, 2, 3 and U. It stopped last Friday, asking me to enter a code….then telling me I had to have a cable network to watch. I was able to watch free in Roku until that time. That doesn’t make sense…and to watch 2 weeks of College World Series is
    $80 on ATT UVERSE! I guess this granny will go to sports bars to watch, if they let me in. LOL

  10. Bamafett says:

    I guess this conversation is going to pop up again as Sling has dropped ESPN…now what?

  11. Tommy Debetaz says:

    I have Direct and I can’t get ESPN on my Roku that in powered my ATT internet.
    Can anyone help???

  12. Darlene Gerber says:

    With the upgrade to Roku OS7 in December 2015 WatchESPN is not working? Will this be fixed soon?

    • Cris A says:

      Try it now… We have been having the same problem, even deleted the app and re added/resubscribed a couple day ago and still didn’t work…. it just started working tonight!! Hope it works for you!

  13. L Villalobos says:

    Lately my WatchESPN has been “Loading…please wait” for any number of live events: SportsCenter, Games, shows, etc…….rather annoying…anyone else have the same problem?

    • nicolas says:

      Since December 17, 2015, I have not been able to view the programing of ESPN 3. It goes to load, and then kicks me completely out of WATCHESPN, going back to my homepage. I am still able to watch the programing on my computer though. Contacted ROKU, and the guy had no idea, somebody from India I am sure wouldn’t you know. Have now contacted ESPN people to see if I can get an answer from them. Able to watch all the other content on WATCHESPN.

  14. Kevin Michal says:

    Look guys, a large minority of the viewing audience has decided to dump monthly TV bills via cable, dish, etc.. Are you currently working on a way that all these people that still love their sports can have a subscription to ESPN without having a cable provider, because WATCHESPN is pretty useless to most of us in its current version.

    • kiley baricevic says:

      thank u —i guess they didn’t take your advice and opted to screw everyone financially making them pay for basic tv thru a provider

  15. Michelle Mather says:

    ESPN and NFL had better realize that the general public is starting to get sick and tired of paying ridiculously high cable prices and are turning to devices like the Roku. It is disgustingly misleading to advertise that you can use this app with the Roku without also including the fact that you must still enter in tv provider information to watch much of the content. YOU CANNOT USE THE WATCH ESPN APP WITH THE ROKU ALONE!! YOU MUST HAVE A CABLE TV SUBSCRIPTION!!!

  16. Tim says:

    If I have basic cable that does not have espn , if I get Roku will I be able to watch espn on my new 60 inch TV ? Thanks for any help

  17. crfreaks says:

    If i had Cable why would i want to watch it on the Roku.. Come on people. I would pay 1 to 2 dollars a month to have access to ESPN, I pay for HULU why not ESPN…

  18. Brett says:

    When it works, WatchESPN on Roku 3 is great. The last few days though have been rough, with it stopping to load every minute or so. Trying to watch the great tennis from Australia that isn’t shown on TV, but it is frustrating when it has to load every couple of points. (Other apps are working fine, btw)

    • cahil says:

      noticed this also..the channel always worked flawlessly..
      yet last 2+ weeks loading issues galore as well the content stops mid-stream..
      ..and the channel never had does..seems there is a correlation..

  19. jd says:

    Can you sign in with somebody elses cable account and watch?

  20. Frank Rodriguez says:

    Issue: for Comcast customers: I have Internet Plus=$59, basically hi-speed internet to live stream everything except certain channels like ESPN, showtime etc.

    SOLUTION!!!: Wanted to watch game tonight, go online or call Comcast and they will upgrade allow you to watch ESPN free for 30 days and then remove upgrade without charge.!!!

    Hope this helps

  21. yair says:

    must try

  22. jess says:

    all I know is I don’t have cable or dish where I live in hawaii 1. The cable doesnt come where I am and 2. Dish is way too expensive. I would so pay for this channel but not only is it not free I can’t even pay for it….. You suck!!

  23. Disappointed says:

    Well, I guess I won’t be buying the Roku 3 – I, too, was thinking I could get ESPN without having cable tv. I was hoping there would be a monthly charge, but nope!

  24. Sparky says:

    I don’t have a cable provider….I use only the Roku 3……WATCH/ESPN was working without a provider….now I can’t watch ESPN without a provider….what is up with that?

  25. zappin12 says:

    We have a Roku and it keeps asking me for a provider and I don’t have one, what’s going on I just want to watch some basketball. Someone please help.

  26. Cord Cut says:

    So I assume I won’t be able to get any college bowl games or the college football playoffs on this as I don’t have cable? Sucks that espn OWNS college sports.

  27. lungdoc says:

    Why don’t you add frontier fios internet to watch espn? It is the same equipment. Frontier bought Verizon fios from them. I could watch when it was Verizon fios high speed internet. What’s the deal? The nfl and companies like roku have taken away lifetime watchers of nfl for millions of fans. We would still be watching the damn commercials.
    GREED, this situation stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. steev says:

    I’m curious, I’ve been watching ESPN3 programing on my ROKU [ATT internet, no VT, provider] and now suddenly I can’t watch ESPN3. What changed?

  29. Larry Kutzen says:

    if any of you had checked b4 buying your roku you would have found out like I did that I was sacrificing my sports for a lower or no bill solution to pay T.V. get over it or go back to cable or find a friend who will give you thier code for the channel you wish to see

  30. dspearma says:

    Umm…the whole reason I got Roku is because I don’t want a cable provider. So the only way I can watch ESPN’s live stream is if I have a cable provider? How does that make least of sense? If i could watch it through my cable provider, would I even bother streaming it on Roku? Can someone explain this to me?

    • steev says:

      you can watch your internet streaming on your very large HD flat screen tv instead of a computer

      • Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight, but you can’t do that without a cable provider…which defeats the purpose of owning a Roku. Why the hell would I stream to my large HD flat screen if I could watch it on cable with my very large flat screen? That makes absolutely no sense!!

        • The Awful Awful Knight says:

          Watch ESPN has additional content that is not provided by your cable provider, but you must be a “subscriber to ESPN” (that is, paying the cable company to pay them) in order to get that content. For example, my cable provider shows ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN-News but not ESPN3. I watch soccer games on ESPN3 through my Roku and I can do that because I am paying ESPN through my cable provider.

          Cable and Roku have some overlap in terms of the content they provide, but they are not the same thing and it is not reasonable to expect that you would get everything on a Roku for free that you would have to pay for with cable. In order to get ESPN without cable, they would have to offer a “streaming only” option to pay for their content separately from the cable companies, and they don’t do that, at least not yet.

          • ^^Duh to everything above^^ Thanks Captain Obvious!!…But I have yet to get an answer to the question of how it makes the least bit of sense to stream something to Roku (wasting bandwidth) that one could easily watch by simply turning to the channel provided by their cable provider. Is there anyone who has an answer to that question?

          • happyinorbit says:

            you would stream it through the roku box in rooms where you do not have cable. not all rooms are cable ready or have cable boxes.

          • happyinorbit says:

            none of our secondary rooms have cable–so if my husband is watching cable tv in the living room, and i want to watch ESPN, i would have to stream it through the roku box, since the living room is the only room with cable.

        • Mr.Answer says:

          I use it to watch espn in another room in my house. I don’t have a cable box or a computer in the room. I use the roku TV to stream everything. In my case it makes perfect sense.

        • Mark Hollinger says:

          It would be for watching in a room that did not have a cable box, or receiver. Or, if you were away from home. ESPN is a premium channel similar to HBO, Cinemax, or Showtime.
          Read it again… says the “free application”……….”Access to live streaming video from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, ESPNews and ESPN Deportes is determined by your TV.”
          If you don’t have cable, then be OK without having access to ESPN. If you want it get cable, or use a streaming service like SlingTV

  31. skip says:

    How can I watch espn if I DONT HAVE A TV PROVIDER I just have rabbit ears

  32. Eaglefan says:

    WTF – Once again ROKU is sooooooooo misleading and untruthful and there customer service sucks

  33. JustAnotherUser says:

    Not Roku’s fault. Yes the above blurb is a little misleading but it’s ESPN that causes the headaches. They are catering to the Cable/Sat companies because without them ESPN wouldn’t exist, and ESPN doesn’t want to bite the hand that feeds it. It is a parasitic relationship. If we ever want a cable-free ESPN put the pressure on ESPN directly, Roku is just the middle man.

    • mememe says:

      I think it’s the other way around. At this point, w/o ESPN, cable companies wouldn’t exists (at least the ones that aren’t diversified).

  34. Angry consumer says:

    I agree with common sense: It is NOT free you need a provider….. Thats why I got Roku to eliminate the monopoliizing Comcast who charges people for channels they never watch. Stop the deception Roku; you are worst than Comcast. Why do you need my email address for me to voice my opinion and concerns

  35. Angry in ct says:

    I have just the roku and want to watch the NASCAR races. And can’t without a cable provider. I have chosen the roku to eliminate cable. Wish these channels work without cable

  36. Diondra Boyd says:


  37. /sam says:

    does roku replace satelite tv or dish

  38. Beach Dawg says:

    I cut the cord no tv just cox cable for internet

  39. Common Sense says:

    Quit saying it’s free, it’s not!!! You need to have a provider. It’s not that hard, people. Stop being misleading.

  40. CutTheCord says:

    I want to pay for ESPN directly and cut out Charter. Will Roku do that for me? (I am sick of paying for many many many channels that I never watch.

  41. Sp0oKy17 says:

    Wish I could just order the channel directly instead of going through a TV provider. Makes it a lot more difficult to cut the cord.

  42. Ed says:

    Access is determined by your TV or by your cable provider?

    • Jay F says:

      It’s the Cable Co’s (like Comcast) way of forcing themselves to be a middle man, and not be obsolete.
      I’m trying to drop my Comcast cable all together and just use Roku, Amazon Prime, & Hulu+. But I still want sports… so in order to keep me from dropping all these channels I rarely watch, Comcast strikes a deal with ESPN that they wont sell directly to customers.
      In short, I want a la carte, while Comcast wants me to purchase the entire buffet… just for a slice or two of pie.

      • Brian McCarthy says:

        Get the Sling app.$20 a month.You will get espn,espn2,espn3,espnU,Tbs,Abcfamily,and other channels.Just $20 a month.Use antenna for local channels.So $8.99 for Netflix,$8.99 for Hulu, and $20 for sling.Free antenna.Cut cord.Hope this helps.You still need Internet, witch they will up your price for it.

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