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This Channel has been removed from the Roku Channel Store.


According to Roku Engineering, this Channel has been removed by request of the content rights owner(s).

For billing or other concerns, please contact the developer of this Channel at:


Archived Description as of 03/27/2018:

USTVNow is the leading provider of expatriate communication services. The basic plan is completely free and includes all major terrestrial stations that as an American citizen or resident you would normally be able to receive for FREE including ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, and PBS.

Premium subscribers can access over 200 channels with full DVR capabilities.

Note: Creating a free account allows you to watch seven channels. A premium account is required to view the other channels.


How to setup a free account and start streaming with USTVNow

Step One: Create a free account at USTVNow by clicking here.

Step Two: Enter your email address, password and the link code from your Roku by clicking here.

Step Three: Wait a few seconds, (less than 30) for your Roku screen to display Congratulations. Press Start. The channel exits.

Step Four: Open the channel again to start watching.


During testing most all content loaded quickly and was HD quality.

Channel options include: Channel Guide, Playing Now, Favorites and DVR.

Live options include: ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS, My9, A&E, BRAVO, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, CNBC, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Fox News, FX, History Channel, Lifetime, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, Spike, Syfy, TBS, TNT and USA.


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  1. Irene Ensley says:

    Get a fire stick and get settv for it 20 bucks a month

  2. Tim says:


    USTVNow just sent me an email which basically said that Roku didn’t believe the channel was sharing their revenue . . so they pulled it. Well . . . you can now access USTVNow by going to the Roku Channel Search and add TeleUp . . .activate with the cide and login with your email/password from your USTVNow account.

    Huge format change with the new channel . . but same channel listings.


    • Guadalupe says:

      How did you accomplish this? I installed TeleUp on my (Roku), and when trying to log in is telling me that there are 4 channels available for”American TV” and must pay $4. CBS is NOT among those channels. I already pay $39.99 for all channels on USTV now. How does that work?

    • Chastity says:

      No hooray here…I just added teleup & it only has 4 channels. Nothing like USTVNOW.No ABC, CBS, orNBC.

    • Tim says:

      . . Maybe a support ticket would work for you too! Contact them. It took several days to receive a reply from them . . be patient. In the meantime I have added Directv Now . . First 3 months are $10 a month with the Promo Code they provide . . but still no main network live feeds.

      This is what I rec’d from USTVNow by email in response to my question . .

      We have entered into a partnership to provide you with a better Roku experience through a public Roku app. Although we were planning a slow release later this Spring we decided to give it to you now and we think you’ll love it!

      Your account has already been linked and the only thing you need to do is go to the Roku store, add the “TeleUp” app and voilà! Your service is not only restored, it is enhanced.

      For your information, the reason for this early release is that Roku has begun removing private channels which they believe earn revenue that is not shared with Roku. They did this without notice to us. If you are used to watching other private channels you might have noticed these have been taken down also. Our old Roku app was not only one of the first Roku private apps, it had been working for more than 6 years. Their sudden change in policy was a great surprise to us.

      • Rat says:

        Just returned to Singapore after a month away and connected tele up to Roku w no issues, same channels, appears seemless here.

        • Rat says:

          Overnight the same roster of channels were reduced to 4 useless, worthless ones. Checking w USTVNow for a credible explanation.

    • angel says:

      thank you, you have saved me, i love ustv now was about to cry when i could not see it on roku.

    • Fred says:

      Not a WIN…Just an AD … Seems everyone is trying to turn ROKU and internet streaming into CABLE… Except we pay for the internet and still watch their Advertisements….

  3. Tim says:

    An answer from Roku:

    Roku Customer Support, Mar 28, 00:05 PDT:

    Hello Tim,

    Thank you for contacting Roku! Roku has been asked to remove this channel by the content rights owner. That is the reason you are not able to access this channel. For more questions, you will have to contact the channel partner at


  4. Roku Channels says:

    According to Roku Engineering, the Channel USTVNow has been removed by request of the content rights owner. The channel has been removed from the Roku Channel Store.

    If you have billing or other concerns regarding this channel, please contact the channel developer using the contact information located on their website.

  5. Tim says:

    My Roku shows the USTVNow Channel to be “Out of Service” . . since yesterday, March 26 (Monday). Channel does not appear when searching the channel store either. It works on my ipad and computer but I really don’t want to watch it on either device. I’ve emailed Roku & USTVNow . . we’ll see what excuse they give me.

    • Renny Manne says:

      Thanks Tim. Please post the replies.

    • Carl says:

      Did you get a reply from either ?? I am in the same boat as you and looking for some answers too.

    • Tim says:

      An answer from Roku:

      Roku Customer Support, Mar 28, 00:05 PDT:

      Hello Tim,
      Thank you for contacting Roku! Roku has been asked to remove this channel by the content rights owner. That is the reason you are not able to access this channel. For more questions, you will have to contact the channel partner at

  6. For the last two days cannot use USTVNOW with Roku. Get a message that service is no longer available. Anyone else with this problem? Is Roku blocking them? Legal problem?

    • Kelly Boehm says:

      Me too. I want to cry. I tried asking about blocking as well to no avail.

      • Kelly, who did you try asking? All is OK in my computer and phone, but I just don’t want to watch TV on a phone.

        • kathy says:

          Roku has been asked to removed this channel by the contents right owner. USTV Now has removed from the channel store in all regions.

          For billing and subscription inquiry please contact them directly
          this is the reply i received from roku. i have contacted ustv now 3 times and filled out a report ticket and have messeged on facebook still no real reply, all i got from face book messenger was they would report the problem to tec services.

    • Lee Kell says:

      I now have the same response. But the computer shows that it is still active.

    • JD says:

      Same Roku message, “no longer available”. Not surprised, the last few times I tried watching something on broadcast channels, I got a USTVNOW message that streaming was unavailable due to networks issues, too much traffic, etc.

    • Carl says:

      me 3. looks like roku is blocking ustvnow service to me

  7. Injuneer says:

    Constant loss of signal, out of sync frequently, drop off of NBC & CNN all combined to make this an over priced and underperforming service.

  8. Grace Bagshaw says:

    Considering cancelling this service as it is showing such bias. Cam no longer access either CNNor MSNBC or NBC. No llonger a complete service and a real disappointment. I am sorry because I recommended it highly to many of my friends over the years . As a Canadian I am sad that bias has such an effect on the media available to those out of the country. So sad!

  9. Ms Smith says:

    I have a new complaint to add: CENSORSHIP! This past weekend (12/16-17/2017) NBC and MSNBC were dropped without notice or explanation. CNN was dropped a few months ago, also without notice. But- hey- if your into “fair and balanced” FOX NEWS, you’re in luck.

  10. Pat weber says:

    Our service is not good at all. We keep getting “loading” on the screen. Getting ready to cancel our service. Trying to contact support but not getting any response.

  11. Ken Sherwood says:

    Audio and video feeds are ALWAYS out of sync

  12. Yapiro Tunare says:

    Good luck trying to cancel your account
    I had to change my paypal account in order to cancel
    Don’t waste your time and go to IPTV/Nitro

  13. Charles Foward says:

    Keeps loading over Andover tells me to check my network, which shows exhalent. Would pay for it till they get problems solved.

  14. RIchard says:

    It was good until recently I have start getting cut off. why

  15. margaret says:

    Do i all the USA live channels plus all the Oprah Winfrey shows?

  16. Dean Greunke says:

    sure would be nice to get station in own time zone, im on time west coast so programs at west coast time.west. west coast news. not east coast all the time. streaming has not worked for 4 days

  17. It is amazing that you see No responses to these logical questions?????????

  18. Jerry Barton says:

    It is over priced compared to the competition especially compared to sling TV quality my favorite is channel pear for for only $25.00 a year and XTV which is free !

  19. Jeff says:

    The price is too high by about $10 for what if offered

  20. Ken says:

    Sometimes USTVNOW servers must get overloaded in the late afternoon / early evening.
    My internet speed doesn’t drop, but my USTVNOW starts major hiccuping. Then I move over to SLINGTV and it works much better – but doesn’t have the same channel sources.

    I would consider the service over-priced because they can not keep up with server demand.
    But living in Cuenca Ecuador means – USTVNOW, SLING or KODI if you want live US TV

    • Bard Webb says:

      Agreed I also live in Cuenca. I thought at first the problem was the internet, but now realize it’s ustvnow.. Sports channels buffer way too much. Seems to be getting worse.

  21. ann Smith says:

    What happened to the 200+ channels it used to offer? I had used it in Los Cabos MX when we lost our Shaw and Dish TV service due to NAFTA law problems

  22. Jack says:

    How did you get it work on 3 Roku Units,,,, Did you have to purchase 3 package?

  23. Dave Munger says:

    I would consider this service even at the paid level, as it is cheaper than cable, however the streaming service was TERRIBLE for me. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu +, and everything else streams just fine, and in great HD, on my Roku. I now have an upgraded cable internet speed, but they worked well even before that. USTVNOW, however, can go for no longer than five minutes or so (literally – I timed it) without stopping to buffer (i.e. the dreaded “loading” screen) for a minute or more. Often it is only seconds before it stops to buffer again. It renders the whole deal completely unwatchable. Even with upgraded Internet service it is this way for me. Very disappointed.

  24. Dave Munger says:

    I can tell you don’t live in the Chicago area, where over-the-air signal is terrible. Cable TV was actually developed to solve that very problem, before they started adding cable-only channels later on. Please don’t assume everybody is in the same situation as you and start judging people. Just consider yourself lucky. :)

  25. Bill says:

    Just signed up a couple weeks ago. I have noticed quite a few issues and would like some answers. I am paying for the premium service at the intro $19/mo currently. #1 Plenty of times I see the “Loading…” screen in the middle of the programming and when it comes back, the video is “rewound” to the same spot, so I have to rewatch about 10 seconds of the show. #2 The show will stop and go back to the Guide screen at random times. #3 Today I was watching and all of a sudden the Roku went to the home page and upon trying to go back to the USTVNow channel, I get a message “Cannot connect to video service” while all my other channels are intact and watchable. I am in FL and have Comcast for internet and get 40 mbps so the connection is not an issue. Both my computers are still on and connected to the internet and there is no other traffic coming through. What gives with this? Its not annoying enough to switch back to cable, but it may be annoying enough to not pay the increase when it is time. Please address these issues.

  26. Guest says:

    I’m confused as to why you wouldn’t just buy an antenna if all you care about are local channels. $50 or less once versus $48 a year subscription?

    • Dave Munger says:

      For the same reason cable television was created in the first place. If you don’t receive local channels over the air well, or at all. This tends to be a problem in major metropolitan areas, perhaps because of signal congestion(?). I don’t get consistent TV signal here in the suburbs, and in the city I can get basically no stations. And for the price, this is still cheaper than a typical cable package.

  27. Robert says:

    Isn’t it $20/month for three months and then $26.99/month thereafter?

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