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Tubi TV is the largest collection of free-to-watch U.S. and international TV shows and films. Content is updated each week so check out the largest collection of premium TV and films on Tubi TV! Rate the Tubi TV Roku Channel below.

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Tubi TV 3.49/5 (69.76%) 84 votes

4 Responses to Tubi TV

  1. Pedro Rocha says:

    Oh tubi…not in my region !!!

  2. Is TUBI TV absolutely free? Is there a monthly charge after 30 day’s?

  3. Chantal Garand says:


  4. Jerry R. Barton Sr. says:

    Do Not Buy sling TV–I have Sling TV on 2 Roku 1’s which worked well for about 2 months then they both quit showing sling TV–The only thing that I see now is still Snap shots of the programming with and no sound–I show no internet connection on sling only but Netflix, Hulu, and all the rest work perfect on my Roku’s–My roku’s show excellent internet reception on all other programming –Roku says that it is Sling TV’s problem that my Roku’s work perfect–Neither Roku or sling can fix my problem –So any ideals??? Oh and Sling has no problem charging me for Sling TV that does not work–Now sling want even reply to my concerns just grab the money and go!

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