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Do you dream of escaping your every day routine? Of journeying to exotic locales for adventure, enlightenment, relaxation or just plain fun?

TravelDreamer.TV was designed for the restless, footloose, curious spirit. Our mission is to curate the world’s best travel programming, from both well-known and up-and-coming travel journalists, all presented in easy to digest bite-sized chunks.

Featured programs include Travel Confidential from Tracy Gallagher, national travel reporter on PBS’ Travel Detective; segments from Globe Trekker, the world’s premier travel series; cutting edge web series DuzerTV and Kick the Grind; popular travel series Next Stop; and many, many more.

Actively search for the subjects that interest you or start a clip and sit back and relax as we transport you around the world.

TravelDreamer.TV: Check in. Check out.

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