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The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel features hundreds of Hollywood hits, all free and available to watch whenever you want. From comedies, to award-winners, to cult classics and more, The Roku Channel lets you kick up your feet for nights of streaming with no subscriptions. No fees. And no logins required. Just great entertainment with fewer commercials than you see on broadcast TV.

The Roku Channel is available now on select Roku devices, and will be rolling out to all current generation devices in the coming weeks.

During our testing this free¬†channel loaded quickly on our Roku. Content was organized in different categories including: Featured, Catch it Before it’s Gone, Family Night, Action Hits, Top Comedies, Thrillers, More Drama, Binge This: Awesome Franchises, Fright Night, Fall Romance, The Wild West, Documentaries, For the Win! Sports Movies and more. When you select a movie or tv show to watch on The Roku Channel, you can press the star (*) key on your Roku remote to view the full description. We tested a few videos and things loaded immediately and without delay on our wifi connection.

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