• The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel features hundreds of Hollywood hits, all free and available to watch whenever you want. From comedies, to award-winners, to cult classics and more, The Roku Channel lets you kick up your feet for nights of streaming with no subscriptions. No fees. And no logins required. Just great entertainment with fewer commercials than you see on broadcast TV.

The Roku Channel is available now on select Roku devices, and will be rolling out to all current generation devices in the coming weeks.

During our testing this free¬†channel loaded quickly on our Roku. Content was organized in different categories including: Featured, Catch it Before it’s Gone, Family Night, Action Hits, Top Comedies, Thrillers, More Drama, Binge This: Awesome Franchises, Fright Night, Fall Romance, The Wild West, Documentaries, For the Win! Sports Movies and more. When you select a movie or tv show to watch on The Roku Channel, you can press the star (*) key on your Roku remote to view the full description. We tested a few videos and things loaded immediately and without delay on our wifi connection.

Enjoy watching The Roku Channel on your Roku? Let everyone know below.

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12 Responses to The Roku Channel

  1. slpknot69 says:

    Really not sure where all the negative is coming from. I use this channel on occasion at home and alot at work and have no issues what so ever. I have the 4k ultra Roku. not sure if maybe it works better on that then other platforms.

  2. Roku's misleading says:

    mmmm… NO Thanks! I’ll continue to pay a small subscription with Netflix. At least their listed shows “Play” as opposed to The Roku Channel, where NONE of their movies play. Just read the other comments here, EVERYONE is experiencing the same bull-shit from Roku’s FAILED channel.

  3. Nancy says:

    nOt reply just comment, hooked up and whenever I try to see the “free”channels they all come up with a price!

  4. Ronald Bosco says:

    Hello I have the Roku channel installed in my roku t.v and since day one I can not see nothing I see all the programs or picture menu. but then I tag one press start and nothing happens. I have uninstalled and install it back to see if it works but it does not. can somebody help me.

    • Roku's misleading says:

      Same here, it’s a joke, they don’t offer the service. Only on crappy shows in their listing

  5. john d harmon says:

    Really like the offering of movies much more than Tubi and Crackle. Crackle is really annoying with the over caffeinated kids talking over your efforts to just try to find some information on a movie…they are terrible. This said, i am enjoying the ROKU channel and can put up with some ads, but the frequency of the same ones is not selling me a thing. The latest of the new CEO of Uber is the worst!! the guy just nauseates me many many times an evening if watching ROKU. The Nissan leaf is starting to wear thin on me as well. i will be using other means until the advertising cycle changes.

  6. I can’t find Bewitched or I Dream of Jeanie as of May 2. Did they remove them?

  7. Ellen Senec says:

    I was watching Bewitched and got to S01 E07 and it wouldn’t load. I tried to skip to E08 then it just gave me a message saying, “This program has expired.” Went back to guide list and Bewitched is nowhere to be found. WTF? Anyone else have a similar problem like this?

  8. DON FRAZER says:

    tried to watch tv shows on Roku channel, bewitched, etc. however it says it can’t load the shows…Christ whats with this thing, can’t contact Roku, US line always busy, no one answer the other numbers, and can’t get to Canadian office, also the online help is USELESS! I live in Central Alberta, Canada,

  9. Greg whyte says:

    its to bad that canadians cannot get the Roku web store atleast where I live Manitoba

  10. Gary W Bryant says:

    HATE just HATE all the ADS that come up as I am trying to learn about my device.
    This sucks. Why do you do this to us. Give us a link to you and just you.
    Dont hide ads in your links.

  11. KITTIE Kat says:

    Just activated CNN on my roku and it won’t let me watch any channel. Settings indicate activation was made.

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