• The Relax Channel

The Relax Channel

The Relax Channel features amazing chill out music, nature sounds and pure sound of nature.

During testing video content loaded quickly and was of HD quality. Ensure that you reduce the volume on your television before starting The Relax Channel as the volume of the video advertisements were quite loud.

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The Relax Channel 3.28/5 (65.56%) 18 votes

2 Responses to The Relax Channel

  1. ChilledOut says:

    I would pay for an ad free version of this app. With ads, its barely usable. Great app, bad execution.

  2. Thomas says:

    What a total waste of time. It was supposed to start after 1 commercial, and five commercials later it finally opened. Amateur sound affects and no video. It may be free but it was not relaxing. I was so frustrated after listening to endless commercials and being let down by the end result, I immediately removed the channel. Take my advice, if you want relaxation, avoid this channel at all costs. It is without a doubt the most worthless broadcast out there….BAR NONE!

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