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The BW

The BW for Roku is Black & White Done Right, Broadcasting 50’s Shades of Grey 24/7 in a Live TV Format.

This channel broadcasts black and white classic television programming 24/7 free of charge.

The BW – Black & White Done Right

Developer: 8ctave ITV


Weekday Schedule for The BW Channel on Roku

( Updated by on January 15, 2014 )

Program Schedule Subject to Change

12:00a -Twilight Zone

12:30a -Tales of Tomorrow

1:00a – Sea Hunt

1:30a – Flash Gordon

2:00a -Charlie Chan

3:00a- Combat!

4:00a – John Wayne

5:00a – What’s My Line?

5:30a – You Bet Your Life

6:00a – AM Bandstand

7:00a – BW Toons

8:00a – Little Rascals

8:30a – Robin Hood

9:00a – Dennis the Menace

9:30a – My Three Sons

10:00a -Lassie

10:30a -Rin Tin Tin

11:00a -Ozzie & Harriet

11:30a-Amos & Andy

12:00p-Gomer Pyle

12:30p-Sgt. Bilko

1:00p – Mike Hammer

1:30p-Peter Gunn


2:30p-Car 54 Where Are You?

3:00p -Beverly Hillbillies

3:30p -Mr. Ed

4:00p -The Lone Ranger

4:30p- Roy Rogers


5:30 -Invisible Man

6:00p- Fireball XL5

6:30p- Space Patrol

7:00p-The Addams Family

7:30p-My Favorite Martian



10:00p-The Fugitive

11:00p-Jack Benny

11:30p-Alfred Hitchcock

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65 Responses to The BW

  1. Lynn says:

    Have gun will travel please! Paladin is amazing!

  2. caroll eversole says:

    I cannot get it to work on my Roku, it is installed but when I try to watch, it says Channel error (e114b921) network error-please restart. What can I do to make it work.

    • Stuart Cook says:

      I’ve been having this same problem over the past week. Are you still on the air or have you signed off?

      • Caroll says:

        Sorry, but I’m ignorant to most of this stuff. By on air, what do you mean. I’ve been keeping it on the home screen when not watching other channels. Thought about deleting the be, then installing again. Have you ever been able to watch it. I believe it would be my favorite channel.

        • Stuart Cook says:

          Yes, this was a watchable channel. Over the past year or so, more and more of the programs have been taken off, and old commercials were airing. The network people do not respond to this forum, making me think they jumped ship on us.

    • Chris says:

      I am having the same issue, I actually did the feedback option to notify the channel of the issue. no change yet.

    • Andrea ordodi says:

      Same here great old shows it’s a darn shame. Anyone bother to answer you?

  3. Jim M. says:

    Does this channel even show the series listed on its online schedule? All I have seen so far is vintage TV commercials, which, while enjoyable, are not meant to be the only programming, merely a supplement to an actual TV series.

  4. gepareni says:

    Glad to see there’s a place to watch “Gunsmoke” since StarzEncore Westerns took them off the Saturday matinee! I’d love to see some of the old medical shows, too, like Ben Casey, Dr. Kildare, Medic! Keep up the good ol’ work–us’ns who were young’uns are just pure ol’ D-elighted there’s a place we can keep them childhood mem’ries alive!

  5. Linda says:

    wish i had the Munsters on it, that was my favorite show

  6. love1962 says:

    Some programmes go off every so often is it possible to have new programmes in the line up I mean change the lineup

  7. Rick Stewart says:

    Are you planning to bring any new or returning programming? I enjoy Jack Benny at night, but there is little else on after work anymore; all commercial fill-ins. The BW is a great alternative to regular TV, but there is little to watch anymore. Please work on this; it will be appreciated!

  8. Thomas Allen Garcia says:

    It keeps saying what is on now and What it says is on now isn’t what is on. I wanted to watch Gunsmoke, and all that has been on is classic commercials and not the shows it says

  9. David Derzanovich says:

    Please work on this once great station. Too many repeats, too many half hour blocks of commercials. There’s great classic tv to choose from including the shows currently scheduled & many others if you can’t get additional episodes of your current line up.

  10. Debra Birt says:

    I have been trying to watch this channel for over a week and all I see are commecials. I have watched commercials for over 30 minutes waiting for the shows and never see the shows. How do I watch the shows on this channel?

  11. Joey Corleone68 says:


  12. SHERRY M. says:


  13. Jerry V says:

    It’s been an “up and down” thing with this channel. The shows on it are excellent – it’s always fun to catch up with Dennis the Menace, Car 54, Bilko, Superman, The Addams Family etc. For the past year or so, The B/W showed a short selection from each series during the month. This meant that there were ‘reruns’ of some episodes. I got used to it,
    if the episodes rerun weren’t bad to begin with, that’s fine …it’s not
    as if I was cemented in front of the TV and watching just this one
    channel. Previous to that, though, many different episodes of each series were broadcast during the month, with reruns of episodes being far and few between. However, within the past week, this is now the end of the year 2015, the B/W has just about collapsed. Many of the series are not shown – at all. Their time slots are filled up with the vintage commercials, as well as some new ones. Of the shows being broadcast, most are showing the exact same episode each and every day! Bilko’s “The Twitch”, Car 54’s episode with Conrad Nagel, the Little Rascals’ “Shrimp For A Day” etc. The Lassie episodes are different, as well as the Dragnet episodes. Nonetheless, I can only hope that come the New Year, The B/W will get back on track and start showing different episodes, many more different episodes if the series broadcast, remain the same.

  14. Don Mull Sr. says:

    love all the old shows on Roku . you don’t see any more .. thanks

  15. Martin Amdur says:

    Anti abortion commercial at end of Lone Ranger is offensive. What a lame piece of trash. Shame on you.

    • C.S. says:

      Yes goodness forbid you have a commercial for, you know, stopping a possible murder. I mean with a variety of birth control for men and women, the morning after pill and.. GASP… abstinence.. Why WOULDN’T one choose to bypass ALL of that and decide while rubbing one’s hands together that abortion is a superior option! This is not the damn 50’s and 60’s! Be responsible!

  16. it'sme says:

    I am so excited that I have found this channel I love the oldies haven’t seen Gomer Pyle in years and am so looking forward to watching it..

  17. Steve Holsten says:

    My favorites are Mr Ed, Charlie Chan, Dragnet, Beverly Hillbillies, Untouchables, Superman,

  18. Jackie Hinton says:

    love it

  19. Regina Carter says:

    OMG, this channel is the best. After 5 years, m0y 78 year young mother agreed to me giving her ROKU and BW hooked her.

  20. Eric says:

    JUST discovered the channel love the old programs need more channels like this one on roku

  21. jgarbuz says:

    It’s great to have this channel on my Roku to look in at my old favorite TV shows from my youth, and its also good that you have a consistent schedule so as to know precisely which shows are on at what times.Thank you B&W.

  22. Jerry V says:

    I just checked out some of the shows that I used to watch here on The B/W to see if, maybe, they might’ve been scheduled in again. I used to always enjoy The Adventures of Superman, Gunsmoke (half hour episodes), The Addams Family … among others. But, for some time now, they weren’t always on…the time slots filled with vintage commercials. To my surprise, they were back! Hopefully, there will be more, as well as a change in some of the episodes shown. I have a lot of these series on DVD. But, it’s still cool to know that I can tune in a show, such as those above, and enjoy it.

  23. Dreamy says:

    It’s been repeating a lot.. with a lot more ads. I like it but wish there were less ads.

  24. Jerry V says:

    Wow, within the week since I’d written, lamenting that it seemed as if The B/W was getting ready to be tossed from the Roku line up, it has picked up! It seems as if the shows are making their normal appearance in their schedules. Only a few of the shows, the shows that I watch, are not being shown, though scheduled. Now, it would be great if Adventures of Superman, Gunsmoke and Car 54, Where Are You? are shown again, well that would be great!

  25. Jerry V says:

    What happened to this great channel?!!!! More and more of the shows have just dropped off their “schedule”, only to be filled with a half an hour’s worth of commercials. The incredible mix of shows of the 50s and 60s on the B/W could not be beat. I can only hope that the powers that be…whoever monitors/programs this channel, would see the light and get things back to what they once were.

  26. superzeeman says:

    This channel is wonderful except if you watch a lot like I do you will see the same episode of a show that you watched last week or the week before so the bench is not as deep as I would like. But I still love watching. If all ROKU channels were built this way I would be so happy.

  27. Jerry V says:

    I particularly enjoy, among many of the other classic shows broadcast on The B/W: Car 54, Where Are You?, Sgt Bilko, Superman, Gunsmoke, Dennis The Menace, Mike Hammer, Peter Gunn, Dragnet, Amos & Andy, The Invisible Man, Fireball XL-5, The Addams Family, Mr Ed, and My Favorite Martian. I realize that nowadays, many of these don’t play on B/W, having the half hour’s worth of commercials instead. they all used to play correctly, not so very long ago….maybe around October. i hope that the B/W can get their monitoring of their programming straightened out and once again have these shows broadcast, once again, without the glitches.

  28. Karl Westfall says:

    I did enjoy it,but since no-one takes care of it’s programming,it goes on retro commercial rolls never showing the show.Superman,The Lone Ranger,are currently retro commercials,last week it was My Favorite Martian that got eaten by retro commercials,and The Addams Family never has made it to air “Retro commercials”.But in the case of The Addams Family,the commercials are a marked improvement over the show. “Addams Family sucked in 1964,and still does today. Do you need someone that actually cares if the shows are broadcasted? Also I don’t think B/W has very many episodes of any of their programming.

  29. 1AmericanFreedomFighter says:

    I love this channel, and agree it is done right.. Thank you!! So good to see some of these shows again.. On the most part my Roku, works well.. It freezes up now and then, but I much rather deal with that, than put out a bunch of money out for the crap you get on Cable/Directv

    • Karl Westfall says:

      It would be done right if they’d monitor it more. If your show don’t start on time,you’ll be watching retro commercials throughout it’s entire time slot. IE:Superman,and The Lone Ranger haven’t been on in a week, (Great monitoring) last couple of weeks My Favorite Martian was eaten by retro commercials,but is OK so far now. Look I’d love it,if it worked correctly,and I’ll bet they don’t even bother to read this page.Why should they? I mean if they’ve a product that they cared about,then they’d take care of it.

  30. Guest says:

    Seems the lone ranger does not work any longer. Just commercials

  31. Joe says:

    Do they have shows or is it all radio programs

  32. Leonard Shatner says:

    Like the channel, but could they lose all the cigarette classic ads? Why not more cereal or toy classic ads?

    • Karl Westfall says:

      I enjoy the cigarette ads,because they are retro,and I saw them new. Deal with it,and we can all enjoy the B/W,that is if they’d hire someone to monitor it. If your show doesn’t start after Delta Queen commercial,it’s another 1/2 hour of commercials,”NO SHOW”

  33. Charlie Miller says:

    I love this channel! It has become my favorite Roku “spot.”

  34. BS98 says:

    This is one of my favorite channels on my Roku!! Thank you so much!!

  35. keith says:

    love the old adverts on this channel as well keep up the good work and hope to see hogans heroes 77 sunset strip gilligans island as well on this channel in the near future

  36. keith says:

    the best channel on roku ive only just got roku and im addicted to this channel and the great films from the 40s 50s and 60s

  37. Ned McFury says:

    Ever since the b/w did their update, every time I run that channel it royally f***s up my wireless router. I mean, sometimes I have to reset my router twice a day for a couple days. When I don’t watch the b/w, the router works perfectly all the time. Too bad, because I love that channel, but the headaches it is giving me are making me hate it. I am done, and will not watch it again.

    • Karl Westfall says:

      It hasn’t ever messed up my wireless router,”Yet”but I’m using R.O.K.U. instead of PC, but the channel seems to be riddled with programming errors that obviously there’s no one around monitoring,or they’d be corrected quicker.

    • Karl Westfall says:

      It’s not the B/W screwing up your router,it is your equipment.

  38. Recalcitrant says:

    It’s Christmas Eve 2013 at 3:14 am. I joined the BW as soon as I saw the collage on the welcome screen. It had Perry Mason in the lower right corner. My daughter watched a Perry Mason on DVD and fell in love with it… I came online to see the line up of shows and it’s not listed. But their are several shows I miss from when I was a kid that I am looking forward to seeing again. Just wondering if they change the line up from time to time and if they do how often?….Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…. Recalcitrant

  39. mdareau says:

    LOVE the channel. but they need an audio limiter to trim up those breaks the blast audio at 2 am!!

  40. chuck says:

    I’m getting kick off now!

  41. chuck says:

    b/w channel keeps going off whats up?

  42. chuck says:

    b/w channel keeps going off what’s up?

  43. chuck says:

    b/w channel keeps going off whats up?

  44. chuck says:

    what is wrong with b/w channel it keeps going off?

  45. genosgranny says:

    I like it, except that every 15 minutes I get a message stating my connection is down.

  46. G says:

    Excellent! This channel is what I have been looking for on my Roku.

  47. love-the-BW says:

    Just “discover” the BW channel and I really enjoy the oldies on this channel. Gunsmoke, Andy, Lucy, and Leave it to Beaver. The oldies but goodies. I hope one day you add the tv show Combat to the lineup, boy that was a classic.

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