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Developer: Henning Saul

News in German from Germany’s trusted public broadcaster ARD, featuring current videos, complete broadcasts and background information.


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6 Responses to tagesschau

  1. samuel says:

    I’m in Mexico and I can not add the channel design this channel not available in your region, as I add

  2. Ben says:

    The developer has to check Canada in the developer portal. It’s up to the developer, not Roku.

  3. John Kern says:

    Kitty there is a forum that allows you to request certain channels on Roku in Canada. I think if enough people requested tagesschau we would be able to get it.

  4. John Kern says:

    can I get tagesschau on my roku in canada?

  5. Kitty Burgers says:

    I wish this channel was available in Canada, Currently, I can only get Tagesschau via YouTube.

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