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We are interested in the latest public and private channels for Roku devices.

We are seeking information regarding private channels that are currently not on our website.

Before submitting a new channel please search our site for the channel.
A search box appears on the right side of every page of our website.

If you’ve searched for the channel on our website and cannot find it please contact us.

On the bottom of every page is a link that says “Contact”. Click this link to send us an email with all the information.

Please include the following information if possible:

  • Private Channel Code
  • Private Channel Name
  • Private Channel Developer Name
  • Private Channel Developer Website
  • Private Channel Description

After submission expect a response within 24-48 hours.

Thank you!

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One Response to Submit a Channel

  1. Steven Buckley says:

    can not get fox 5 atlanta channel added to my roku channel guide. I click the button to add to my roku, but nothing happen. All the other local channels in atlanta are available on roku. Please Please Please HELP

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