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Classic Solitaire comes to Roku!

Free, fun and intuitive with 1 card and 3 card draw, multiple players, undo, and a “Duh” key for those times when there’s no one around to yell “put the 5 on the 6!”. Great fun for everyone!

During testing the Solitaire4us game loaded quickly and was easy to use. Enjoy using Solitaire4us on the Roku? Let everyone know below using the stars or comments.

If you have any tips or tricks for others be sure to include them in the comments below, thank you.

Developer: MultiQs


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Solitaire4us 3.78/5 (75.56%) 18 votes

3 Responses to Solitaire4us

  1. Joan A Emery says:

    Can someone please tell me why the hell I would want to watch a card game that I’ve already played? I don’t want to watch the game that I’ve already played, so don’t ask me to.

  2. Michael Welenc says:

    I have suspected card stacking and cheating for quite a while now and this confirms it. Second time this has happened to me in the past several weeks and to make matters worse Solitaire4us is apparently so completely mortified by the experience of being caught it runs off and hides in the bushes somewhere and refuses to come out and show itself. The game locks up the roku freezes and I had to pull the plug to jolt it back to reality. I mean really it’s only a silly game is it really necessary to cheat? Please just play and honest trust worthy game. Is that too much to ask. SMH

  3. ConcernedOne ✓Deport Illegals says:

    Why was this removed? The channel is no longer available and no information

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