• SlingPlayer for Roku

SlingPlayer for Roku

Watch your live TV anywhere with a Slingbox and Roku streamer. Only Slingbox gives you full access and control of your living room TV experience in sparkling 1080p Full HD. With a Slingbox, you can watch and control your TV and all of its programming, live, over the Internet on your PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, or Roku connected TV. And there are no monthly fees!

Who needs a Slingbox? Anyone with one or more Roku streamers who wants to watch live TV programming on another TV in the house, the vacation getaway, or college dorm room: Sports fans and information junkies, frequent travelers or expats, college students or snowbirds, military personnel, or moms and dads on the go. Save money by not having to pay for additional set-top boxes. Get TV in more places in and outside of the home, using the Roku streamers you already own, or the ones from friends and family. Why pay twice for your favorite programming? Get more out of your TV with Slingbox and Roku.

Already own a Slingbox? Simply launch your SlingPlayer app on your iPhone or Android phone and start watching TV with Roku.

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12 Responses to SlingPlayer for Roku

  1. Justin Dargan says:

    There are some pretty serious issues that render this app almost completely useless for me. My parents got me a roku premiere for Christmas, so that I could watch their channels with slingbox on my home tv. The slingbox works perfectly well… whenever I want to stream on my computer, or with the slingplayer iPhone app, I can do it without any hiccups or problems. Unfortunately, whenever I try to stream from the iPhone app to the roku, it runs into problems. The phone app recognises the roku, and allows it to begin streaming in high quality. However, after a few seconds, a “buffering” message appears and it freezes. The only way to get it to start playing again is to deselect the roku and watch it on the phone. If I try to switch back to the roku once it is connected, I will get the same frozen screen again.

    I’ve checked both my parents’ and my own internet connection, and they are both stable at high download/upload speeds. Therefore it seems like the issue is either with the roku itself (which works perfectly fine on all other channels… netflix, amazon prime, etc), or with the slingplayer app/channel. I have logged a few complaints with customer service, and they told me that this issue may be resolved when the new 7.5.0 software version updates (I’m currently running 7.2.2). If the issue is not fixed, I will return the roku. The main reason I bought it in the first place was to stream tv with slingbox.

    • Nico says:

      I’m having exactly the same problem. No issues with Roku Premier on any other channel, no issue on Slingplayer for iPhone or Android. Only this issue with Roku Premier + Slingplayer. Terrible performance…

  2. Barry Bund says:

    There used to be something on the phone which I would tap on and it would switch. I can’t find what to tap on.

  3. Barry Bund says:

    HELP!!! I’m having difficulty doing something previously I had no problem with which is simply switching the picture from my android phone to the roku device attached to my tv. HELP!!!

  4. Tadeu Demoraes says:

    Como faco pra cancelar este Sling no meu Roku, pois estou pagando a 2 meses e nao tenhom nenhum sinal. Estao debitando da minha conta USA$ 57 a dois meses e nao consigo falar com ningue nesta Cia.

  5. Kenik Hassel says:

    Rather furious I can’t use my Slingbox without an iOS or Android device. First, it is just half a step from bait and switch to require another device (on top of a Roku AND Slingbox!) for the “Slingplayer app” to work… It’s not an app! Second, the user experience of requiring another device is abominable, especially on a device as elegant as the Roku 3. Third, all of my iOS and Android devices are in a junk bin. I went all Windows and am not going back…but my Roku 3 just might. This may be Sling’s fault, but my Roku will probably pay the price. Never expected to need the 30 day return policy. So sad.

  6. skamaniabob says:

    This is really terrible. I have a Slingbox, I have a Roku, why do I need to “transfer” it from another device, especially when they give you no instructions how to do it.

  7. matt says:

    this app is a piece of crap, only works in landscape mode, requires me to connect to phone first to watch with roku. the only way to watch conveniently is with a pc and external monitor. completely crap, i wouldn’t waist my time. Sling is still great but this app + roku integration is a junker

  8. Chris Flowers says:

    Does this require a the hardware box or not? I’m not buying a $300 box.

  9. Chris says:

    Yeah…. I am dissapointed as well. I’m not sure why you would make the Roku app dependant on a mobile device. I would pick up a sling today if I could use the Roku app on it’s own. Why can you make that happen?

    • Criticaster says:

      completely agree – must be a content provider restriction because technically it cannot be that much harder than any other stream

  10. Hendale Ledford says:

    I’m having a hard time understanding why I need an external device and an external app to run slingplayer on a Roku device. I don’t have an Iphone or android phone, but I like my roku and I have to use my laptop to get Slingplayer on my TV. Why can’t they make a stand alone app like they do with Netflix or other apps. Why does it have to be complicated?

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