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Sleep Diet

Fight Fat While You Sleep with the Same Streaming Self-Hypnosis System used by Professionals. FREE!

Developer: 8ctave ITV


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11 Responses to Sleep Diet

  1. Jodie says:

    I love it, but 1/4 of the way thru it, I fall asleep and never finish watching it. How long is the movie?

  2. Jenn Hunter says:

    I absolutely love it! Starting on the sleep diet, my quality of sleep has never been better. It cured my insomnia in 1 night. Please, please, please fix it so the water and koludescope come back. The video starts with the sound vibrations.

  3. Padeba says:

    I loved Sleep Diet but now it is broken. You still get the ads, of course, but as soon as they are over, you get the session has concluded screen. It does this on my Roku 2 at home in MS and on my daughter’s Roku 3 in TN, so it is not just my Roku edition. Time to uninstall. Too bad, because when the stream of the same commercial running about 10 times was over, the rest was great.

  4. $$Congress$$ says:

    I use to love the Roku Sleep Diet channel, but now that it has become more popular, the increase in ads has ruined it.

    In fact, I get so frustrated during the first 2 minutes of the Sleep Diet, due to them cramming 2 ads repeatedly down my throat about five times each during the first two minutes of the diet. Then I can’t fall asleep because I’m stressed by their commercialism nightcap.

    Go figure, stress makes me gain weight! This defeats the purpose of the Sleep Diet for me.

    I hate being stuffed with slimball commercials selling me crap before I go to sleep at night. Bye bye Sleep Diet.

    • deb says:

      Ummmm…you DO realize that you are not legally required to watch commercials, right? You could: (1) turn of the volume and read a newspaper or magazine, and /or leave the room…maybe brush your teeth or don pajamas?

      And if 2 minutes of no tv stimulation is more than you can handle…sweetie, it’s only two minutes; that’s not a lifetime. You might want to get some help for what seems like a serious impatience disorder? And maybe switch from tv to books—no commercials and you can start/stop whenever you want!

  5. Kent says:

    I am very angy with the Presto streaming fireplace of allowing an intrusive add from “Sleep Diet Roku” Channel, it totally destroyed the restful ambiance of the streaming video. SHAME ON YOU

  6. Classy Kassie says:

    Ive lost 10 lbs, however I attribute that to a combination of being on ADHD meds and having newfound will power to stay away from extra snacking and fatty foods. This program actually jumpstarted my now low appetite. I noticed before I watched it, while only on my adhd meds, I would still eat three sq meals and eat ALL the food on the plate and still have a slight craving for sweets after I watched or “slept through it” I dont finish all the food on my plate and my craving for fatty food is completely gone. Ive only watched about 2 times a week.

    Theres a long 2 min commercial before, no commercial breaks in the middle and the screen plays some trippy pictures, sounds. It sounds like im in the womb. the only issue i have is that strobe like lights come on and its woken me a few times but nothing unpleasant. I would highly recommend. However! I dont like the idea of opening up my subconcious mind without doing some research on the developers. Untill I can get some more info I wont watch it every single night. Ill stick to two times a week to make sure im not being mind controlled to go buy more roku channels or something lol

  7. Avoida says:

    I’ve used the channel for two nights only. I’ve not seen ANY food commercials, in fact no commercials at all during the night. It does start up with 30 sec clips but they have been about travel, etc. Not food.
    For the past two nights I’ve not slept well. Awaking every few hours to the pulsing sounds and lights. I’ve never been a great sleeper to begin with so maybe my brain waves are hard to reach.
    I have however, lost 3 pounds. Maybe a fluke but for now I’ll keep trying.

  8. Beth says:

    It is 5:30 am. I have been up since 4 because I was woken by loud commercials. The channel states that you will get 8 hours of uninterrupted programming, which is false. The commercial, btw, was about food. How can you do this? To not only wake people up out of sleep with commercials that interrupt the programming, but commercials about food?

  9. Mayu says:

    What’s hilarious: an hour or so into turning this program on last night, I was woken up by a McDonald’s commercial before it restarted.

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