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Showtime Anytime

Watch SHOWTIME® wherever and whenever you want on your Roku® Streaming Player with SHOWTIME ANYTIME® – FREE with your SHOWTIME subscription through participating TV providers.

During testing the TV Providers that allowed activation included: AT&T U-verse, bright house, DirecTV, Grande Communications, Optimimum, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon Fios. Comcast and Dish Network were not listed.

Get unlimited on-demand access to full seasons of award-winning SHOWTIME Original Series, Hit Movies, Sports, Comedy and much more. With new titles added each week, there’s always something great to watch. PLUS, now you can watch what’s currently airing live on SHOWTIME, and easily switch between the SHOWTIME East and SHOWTIME West channels. So no matter where you are, you never have to miss your favorites!

User-Friendly Features:

– My List: Lets you organize and view your favorite programs

– Add New Episodes: Automatically adds new episodes of your favorite series to your My List as they premiere

– Play Shifting: Resume watching where you left off on another device

– Live TV: Watch what’s currently airing live on both SHOWTIME East and SHOWTIME West and easily switch between channels

– Closed captioning and parental controls available

©2014 Showtime Networks Inc. All rights reserved. SHOWTIME and related marks are trademarks of Showtime Networks Inc., a CBS Company. Showtime Anytime is intended for viewing solely in the United States and its territories and possessions.

Developer: Showtime Networks Inc.

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Showtime Anytime 3.25/5 (64.91%) 53 votes

  • Kevin

    I just downloaded Showtime Anytime for the Roku but it defaults to the maximum parental controls of G for movies and Y for television. It says that the controls can be changed through your television provider. I get Showtime through Verizon so I made sure that all parental controls have been removed, but Showtime Anytime does not update. Is anyone else having this same issue?

    • lp

      I’m having the same problem

      • Kevin

        I actually got the problem resolved. The parental controls have to be changed through the set top box of the primary account holder. Once that is done, de-link your Showtime Anytime channel on the Roku, then set it up again using a new code, etc., and it should work.

  • AngryCharterCustomer

    I think Showtime disowned Roku, keeps telling me that I need to check my internet connection or restart Roku…This channel doesn’t work anymore >:(

  • Joe

    Activation through my Roku Stick tried to enter and get screen saying violation of our terms WTF

  • cyndi

    Tried to activate showtimeanytime and when I select my provider, xfinity, get redirected to xfinity’s home page, where there is nowhere to enter the activation code. Very frustrating.

  • Angela

    I have to activate almost every time I access showtime using my roku stick. This seems like an error with the program because I have HBO To Go also and it doesn’t make me reactivate.

  • Claude A. Gordon


  • ReaderV

    Showtime and Roku need to fix this app. I think we’re all very tired of needing to activate every time we want to watch showtime. It really is a huge disaster.

  • Scrappinsam

    It says there is no account associated with my email but I’m using my email and the same one I use for a the Showtime app on my iPad. This is so frustrating. When will this app be fixed. I shouldn’t have to login each time and it should remember my information. Please address this issue.

    • Tim Underwood

      I just figured this out myself. There’s two Showtime apps on the Roku store, one is purely ‘Showtime’ and the other is ‘Showtime Anytime’. You need the latter, which will ask you for your cable provider and then give you a code you can enter into the showtime account page on your iPad.