Set a PIN on Roku

How to Set a PIN for your Roku

It’s easy to set a PIN for your Roku and is a smart decision to prevent unauthorized or unintentional purchases.

To begin navigate to

Press the button in the middle under “Pin Preference”.

Roku provides you with three pin options:

  1. Require a four-digit PIN to add any channel, even free channels.
  2. Require a four-digit PIN only when making a purchase.
  3. Do not require a PIN when adding channels or making a purchase.

To reset the and click Update under “Pin Preference”.


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17 Responses to Set a PIN on Roku

  1. Kim says:

    I need my pin

  2. Eric Theisen says:

    I need my pin

  3. Sydney Haston says:

    When I try to put in my card info to create an account it says it needs my pin so I put in both my card pin and Roku pin and it says it will not work.which pin do I put in ?

  4. daniel walker says:

    I need my pin

  5. Leonardo says:

    I nerd my PIN number

  6. Guest User says:

    i need my pin!

  7. I cant remember my email or code that I signed up with. I am paying for Roku each month. Can you help me with this.

  8. Need my pin number pleace

  9. jimstorm says:

    Yes I reset my password trying to get a pin code that should have seemingly issued sat when I tried to sign up. Jimstorm. I still need a pin ccode

  10. jimstorm says:

    I need a pin code

  11. John Ellington says:

    I need pin number

  12. steve says:

    I need my 4 digit pin

  13. SirQuala O'Smith says:

    Hahy yo roku my wife has the roku account in her name how can I change it to my email address and whats the pin she 4got it We have Roku 2 XD Model number 3050X Serial number 12C285096802

  14. Davidson says:

    I need my pin

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