RT is the first Russian 24/7 English-language news channel which brings the Russian view on global news.

Developer: Vision IPTV


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  1. Donald says:

    Pluto drops RT. How much did the NSA pay this sellout channel to do that?

  2. Jilan says:

    I still can get live RT by downloading the app RT to my apple phone

  3. Barry McGuire says:

    First RT vanished from Roku proper and now has vanished from Pluto. How can I watch it. I do not have cable.

    • Mary says:

      I am wondering if we have to leave this swamp and move to Russia to have freedom.
      If you love it and its a positive thing, it is a target of destruction. I think RT is too good for usa.

    • Mary says:

      It takes lies and or gays to take down RT.

    • Mary says:

      RT was tossed from Pluto. shame. Pluto could have made a base of loyalists. Instead the developer took the low road so RT got cut. You can see it on YOU Tube. I tried sling/ala cart but they offer nothing but the worst news.

    • Mary says:

      Find RT on YOU TUBE. And wonder how long YOU TUBE will tolerate the truth, Real truth RT

    • Mary says:

      Roku has RT in the coup. YOU TUBE has RT on ROKU. sling does not have it, not even ala carte. Too bad Pluto dropped it, they lost loyal fans that would have stayed and paid.

    • Jo says:

      Wifi, is the only access that I now have.

  4. George B says:

    I love RT!!!!!!!! Roku did the wrong it. You see, I dropped cable tv over a decade ago because I hate mainstream media so much. Now this??? You think I am alone? No way. Now Roku goes mainstream and, so, they have given me the incentive to go with one of their competitors. People like me are growing in numbers, but we are continuously being alienated who seem to think our numbers aren’t big enough. Well, Roku, when you finally find out how many of us there are it will be too late to maintain the dominance you presently own in this fledgling market. Keep a politics-neutral position to satisfy your patrons or…. sabotage the product’s image.

  5. What happened to RT on ROKU??? Is this some kind of anti-Russian hysteria? RT is great! It’s the best news service in the world! ROKU without RT sucks!!!

  6. Doug says:

    Want RT back on Roku! It was the primary reason I purchased a Roku … was an easy connection. Seems fishy why access removed … back to laptop connection viewing and less need for Roku much less need for Roku.

  7. Carlita says:

    An entire month’s worth of customer dissatisfaction comments here and still not a peep from ROKU. Talk about customer service!

  8. John says:

    RT no longer works in Canada. It says Sorry, this channel is no longer in service.

  9. Lissa says:

    I also watch on pluto. I feel roku is a sell out and is on the wrong side of free speech! I will be cancelling my roku subscription if RT does not make its way back to my channels!

  10. Mick says:

    I watch almost daily. Only got Roku less than a month ago. I will return Roku and get something else before I put up with this leftist censorship crap.

  11. Tom Blood says:

    Unfortunately I can’t get Pluto. Perhaps it is not available on Roku in Canada. At least I can get it on my computer. A small saving grace. It certainly for me at least makes Roku somewhat useless now. Thanks for all the helpful posts.

  12. Chromecast says:

    steven is right,

    “…Rt is on the Pluto channel on ROKU… and it always seems to come in better on the pluto channel on roku.”

    Pluto TV is a channel available on ROKU.
    Just add it to your channels. Then start Pluto TV. You’ll see a TV guide. Under ‘News’ find RT and start it.
    I’ve done so and I’m thrilled.
    And like steven said, it comes through faster and way better.

  13. If RT is blocked on Roku by ANY politically motivated order, it will be the end of me using the Roku service.

  14. Tom Blood says:

    Well I am in Canada and suddenly this morning it was unavailable. I can’t help but think it is political and thus an attempt to censor my ability to get alternative news sources so I can make up my own mind. What I also find very irksome is the inability to contact Roku to find out what happened.

  15. Tighe Barry says:

    I am in Washington DC roku is not available suddenly. I agree I am very displeased. I would like to know why?

  16. Barry McGuire says:

    I, too, am very displeased that RT is suddenly unavailable on Roku in Kansas. What’s up? Is this a technical problem? Or a political one? Tom’s mention of it is the only one I can find by a search.

  17. Tom Blood says:

    When did RT become “unavailable” in my area. Is this an action by Roku or by the US or Canadian government? I am very displeased.

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