• Retro Tech Time Machine

Retro Tech Time Machine

Joe Screwdriver presents the Retro Tech Time Machine curated collection of retroactive technology.

Old-style motion pictures of high tech gizmos from the previous century are transmitted directly from Joe’s collection to your Roku player. Plenty of old-time knobs, switches, gears, computers, telephones, tubes, spacecraft, and blinky lights to satisfy your retro tech urges.

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7 Responses to Retro Tech Time Machine

  1. wayne says:

    How often do you update this channel? I have been watching Kung Fu and season one has ended. When will more seasons be added?

  2. MisterG says:

    Makes me proud to be an American. Feel good tv.

  3. grindel says:

    Agreed completely. It is all my 6 year old and I watch most nights. I wish there was a list of all videos available somewhere. Although if I see another starlost commercial it will be too soon…that ear piercing theme song is the worst.

  4. Kent Lee Ivey says:

    Some TV worth watching. Training tapes, NASA tapes, IBM films , Industry films, Military training films, M.I.T Laboratory films….
    and 1 —– ONE !!!!! commercial every 30 minutes- FOR THIRTY SECONDS !
    And – after every commercial there is no 6 minute recap of what we just saw before the last 16 commercials !
    Thank You !
    And please Thank your Sponsors for me !

  5. Regan Sterner says:

    I LOVE this channel! I totally agree with Nick Man – I wish there was a social media presence, too. I came here, in fact, looking for just that very thing. Hopefully the creator or fans will decide to take up the cause! I can watch this all day long. The perfect blend of nostalgia, yet you can learn something new every time you watch.

  6. Nick ManTastic Poncio says:

    I’m completely addicted to Retro Tech Time Machine!! I let it play all day long. I like how you can actually use the ff/rw buttons to move to the next or previous retro tech film. I really wish they had some social media presence, like a Facebook page. I would love to interact with the channel’s developers and viewers/fans.

  7. David Connolly says:

    I’m really enjoying Retro Tech Time Machine. I was born 1957 so some of the shows really take me back to the days of tubes and knobs, ha ha. I love and can watch for hours (which I do!)

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