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PRO Classic TV

PRO Classic TV brings the best programming in TV history. Take a step back in time with some of your favorite TV shows, movies and specials. We bridge the generation gap and rekindle memories of family, friends, and good old fashioned fun.

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4 Responses to PRO Classic TV

  1. Eric Edwards says:

    Your app is not showing up in the Roku channel store… what happened?

  2. pat holmes says:

    Is there a charge for pro classic tv

    • I know, isn’t that the question of the century? I bought this thing to escape “fees” and NOW everything WORTH anything you have to pay for. That is such an insult to our intelligence, I mean really? Pay to have “cable” and then “buy” a Roku to “cut the cable” and then load channels that need ” a cable subscription
      ” to work??? It is raw insanity!

      • jimmo531 says:

        You ain’t just whistling “Dixie,” Freddie. And to paraphrase a formerly politically powerful witchy woman, “It’s a vast media conspiracy!”

        Actually, the best thing to do, if one may, is file-sharing via downloading of torrents (a Virtual Private Network or VPN may be necessary in some cases) and/or copying files (after conversion) from purchased DVD sets, then upload favorite films and complete TV series to several ancillary hard drives and watch through the USB posts of a smart TV set–no commercials, no monthly payments to a media conglomerate.

        One may also still purchase DVD recorders (though supplies of new units in the United States are more limited, in which case purchase a unit rom Asia or a refurbished model) and record programming form over-the-air. I was also recently informed Sears will repair just about any electronics, even out-of warranty devices, if one is able to get to a Sears repair outlet and is willing to cough up the required labor and parts fees.

        But I have also read reports some smart TV sets may be able to spy on a viewer, not only the viewing behavior but literally watching (with an implanted viewing device) a person while one may be sitting in one’s boxers or pajamas eating Captain Crunch. So be careful, as “Big Brother” may be hiding in your Samsung, Sony and/or Vizio unit and watching you even if you have completely cut the cord (except the ones for over-the-air TV) and have no cable, satellite and/or streaming services (meaning no Verizon, no Xfinity, no Direct TV or Dish, no Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Philo, Roku or Sling, TV, etc.).

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