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Nowhere Stream

The Nowhere Stream Private Roku Channel allows viewers to stream content from Ustream.

When loading this private channel the user is presented with three options, these include:

Featured, Live Now and Popular this Month.

During testing all content loaded quickly and was at or near HD quality.


Do you have the Nowhere Stream Ustream streaming private roku channel installed?

Let us know what you think in the comments!


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Nowhere Stream 2.76/5 (55.15%) 33 votes

23 Responses to Nowhere Stream

  1. Conrad Wall says:

    I now get pbs news hour live streaming on the Roku Youtube app. I works well for me.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I have, in months past, been able to watch the live stream of Beach Church in Myrtle Beach (I think the live stream name is beachchurch live), and now the past two times I have tried it, which was today and about two weeks ago, it has not worked. I see the stream and click on it, but it just shows the stream again. It goes nowhere. So Nowhere Stream is living up to its name. I am very disappointed.

  3. The Ustream service requires a persistent session connection in order to use the m3u8 stream connection. If the session connection is closed, then the stream closes. It never used to be this way, but they (Ustream) have updated their backend services and everything that relied solely on the m3u8 connection will now fail.

    Show’s over folks.

    • M. Michaels says:

      But wouldn’t everyone’s stream stopped at the same time if this were so? I had streaming for weeks after others had stopped.

  4. fonsia says:

    Mine too. For awhile it was only certain channels that wouldn’t load, such as the Audubon Osprey and Puffin streams. But for the past few days nothing has worked. If they get it fixed I’ll send them a donation, because it’s way worth it for all the enjoyment I get watching these bird cams, but I fear the whole thing already may be gone. Let’s hope!

  5. M. Michaels says:

    Ustream stopped working for me yesterday. List comes up but when choosing a webcam, it does not open. So I thought maybe removing and then reloading the channel might help. Now I can’t get the channel to load! Did Nowhere man pull the plug on us? What a bummer! Really love all the birdcams on this channel.

    • M. Michaels says:

      Oh, and mine is the newest Roku streaming stick.

    • Sharon says:

      Same here for me , M Michaels. Can’t watch any of my bird and cat cams. Bumming my cat out , too!

      • Sharon Ziolkowski says:

        Still not working after one month or so and really miss this . Can someone from Roku give us an update as to whether this will be available for further viewing. Miss watching FFRC and others on this channel.

        • Conrad Wall says:

          My issue was with live streaming PBS newshour. I was able to work around by adding a youtube app to roku. I can now watch the newstream just a short time after it starts streaming on ustream with no worries. Hope this helps others having the same problem

  6. Barbara says:

    I stream the Decorah Eagles, and it has not worked this week, nor have any other streams.

  7. BsGranE says:

    Terry, I am having the same problem. Did you get any help with it? Gotta love those owls!

  8. Tberryjack says:

    Nowhere Scope isn’t working and hasn’t since Thursday, Please get it back up and running. Has someone played an April Fool’s Joke on Nowhere Scope?

  9. Fred says:

    Attention Nowhere Man – the search for Ustream hasn’t been working right for at least the past several weeks. When I search on a term, it will bring up a list of items ok, but when I click on, let’s say, the first item, it will jump to the 4th item instead and start playing it.

  10. Housewife101 says:

    I watch a live streaming church channel vbckingfisher…or I did. It hasn’t worked on the Roku for weeks. I can find it, but it won’t stream. It works fine on my app for my tablet,tho. I’m stumped as to what to do.

  11. Spencer Morgan says:

    Uhm what is the access code?

  12. Lanny says:

    Friends of Feline is STILL down. been a week now. Why can’t it be fixed Nowhere Man.

  13. Lanny says:

    Friends of Feline (FFRC) is still down. Been 4 days now. Also Kabana Cam is down. There are several others that do not work either.

  14. Robin says:

    Friends of Felines Rescue Center won’t load for me. I’ve been having this problem for several days. I hope Nowhere Man can fix this issue. I notice the Audubon Osprey cam hasn’t worked in a long time, either. :-(

  15. Lanny says:

    We have a couple channels we watch quite often, on is Friends of feline rescue center but the last 3 days it show on the link but it will not load.

  16. Kristin Elizabeth Barr says:

    i can’f find celebration church in san angelo, tx. it takes me at least half an hour to find it and when i try, it keeps saying no search results available. i can find it on the computer, but i want to watch it on my roku, NOT MY COMPUTER! fix this! it’s freaking frustrating!!!!

  17. Angelo says:

    it keeps kicking us off when we try to watch on ROKU

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