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2 Responses to NASA TV

  1. Galaxy_Surfer_007 says:

    Continuing problems with this channel.

    Now, the developer has gotten ridiculously greedy. It was bad enough that the channel was blurry and often showed an ad before coming on–one of the very few ROKU channels that did that– but now it shows FIVE ads before getting to the FREE, publicly-supported, science organization’s live stream!

    Worse, it now repeatedly keeps stopping on ad #3 and never even gets to the NASA channel!

    The couple of times we’ve gotten through, the picture looked better (finally). But we have yet to see anything from the ISS to test if that’s true. Having to wade through 5 ads, however, is ridiculous. We’ve decided to stop watching.

    We’ve heard news that NASA TV will be launching its own streaming channel via ROKU. That’s great news, if true. In the meantime, this developer needs a new approach and a better sense of what viewers want and will put up with!

  2. Starman_Andromeda says:

    Any help here for why this channel doesn’t display well on an HDTV?!

    It’ she only Roku channel,we’ve seen or watch that has shimmery edges, blurry edges and lines, and is hard to look at!

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