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My Channels

The My Channels Private Roku Channel enables channel organization in a grid-like style. Easily create categories for your channels, view your most recently used channels and more.


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22 Responses to My Channels

  1. I’m looking for someone to connect my website to a Roku channel, I have tried myself and I am obviously not technical enough. I have looked around in my area (Michigan) for anyone who can do this for me to no evail. I need it done as soon as possible and I would pay someone to do it.

  2. Jeff Fleming says:

    When I try to install My Channels, it redirectts to my How do I install? I need to organize 200 channels for 4 people. :-(

  3. Jim Lemburg says:

    What is the code for my channels

  4. Bill says:

    Roku add keeps showin up on all my channels how do i delete it

  5. Where do I find the private channels I added it shows on my account but can’t find it on my roku


    i cannot find MY CHANNELS

  7. Alan Hill says:

    Really excellent so far! It’s the app Roku forgot. I love it.

  8. Josh Parker says:

    Can someone tell me why I’m not seeing my “All Channels” actually showing all of my channels. Thanks.

  9. arcangelw says:

    Can anyone explain to me how to add channels, I can see how to create a new channel group, but not how to add a channel? Is this thing still working for others who are trying to set it up, or what am I missing?

  10. David. Freeman says:

    Can My Channels be updated not to shut down every time an
    App is closed in it? it is very frustrating to have to wait for it to
    Start up again before selecting another Channel.

  11. lobo012847 says:

    Just wondering where “My Channels” is found after it is added to Roku?

  12. Lou Doucet says:

    You can add me to that question also. I have several units I would like to sync.

  13. Larry Jaason Eustice Artist says:

    Added my channels app last night. Was excited but NO channels are showing up in teh all channels section at all. Why is this?

  14. Joe Phillips says:

    I’d really like to know the answer to this, too!

  15. Steve M. says:

    This app is very helpful to organize my channels, and also to help me remember all channels in a category when I haven’t viewed some of them for a while. Is there any way to sync MyChannels between two Roku devices, or must I create the same groups and arrange each channel again in the second device?

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