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Manga 2.50/5 (50.00%) 8 votes

4 Responses to Manga

  1. David Alexander McDonald says:

    Completely broken on the Roku, and broken on iPad Air under iOS 9.2.

  2. Xaffire009 says:

    I cant even get it to work on my tv I click it and the MANGA screen comes on but then closes the app back to my home screen feed

  3. katherine says:

    content is doing much better since steve rogers posted but I can’t get into the ghost in shell movie. It shows 1-3 ads and then kicks me back out to the menu.

  4. Steve Rogers says:

    Unfortunately, this channel is plagued with completely ridiculous technical problems. The ad server is really slow, so it takes about 30 seconds for a 15 second ad to show in horribly frustrating little 3-5 second bursts and freezes. And then it takes about a minute for the next show segment to buffer – then after 20 seconds of show – freeze for 20 seconds of buffering.

    Whoever is responsible for setting this up doesn’t know what they’re doing. And doesn’t care, apparently – because they can’t be getting any viewers or ad revenue. They have some content I’d like to see, but it’s simply impossible.

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