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JellyTellyFlat2 is available as a private channel for Families and Children on Roku.

From the JellyTellyFlat2 developer website:

Club JellyTelly is a unique online network for families, developed by VeggieTales and What’s In the Bible? creator, Phil Vischer. As a faith-based alternative to other chidren’s programming, JellyTelly provides families with a safe place to learn and play online. We have gathered the largest and most diverse collection of Christian children’s programming in the world for families to enjoy and engage.

During testing most of content was HD or near HD quality with very quick streaming of content.

The developer website advertises at $5 per month, however the private channel was a free download. All of the content on the JellyTellyFlat2 Roku Channel seems to be free and doesn’t require a login.

Not all of the content would load. For example, on October 17th 2013 we attempted to load the “Kidmo” video content however the content never loaded even after multiple attempts. Navigation with the remove was very sensitive and often times we were presented with items that we had not selected.

Do you enjoy using the JellyTellFlat2 Private Roku Channel? Let us know in the comments.


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3 Responses to JellyTellyFlat2

  1. Stormy says:

    Can we get the code for this?

    • Ben says:

      Try “jellytelly” minus quotes of course. Seemed to install from web based, not checked it on the roku yet.

  2. Dr.Dan0 says:

    code not recognized

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