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Hasbro Studios

Watch your favorite Hasbro Studios shows instantly!

From My Little Pony, to Transformers, classic to current – access all the family friendly entertainment based on the world’s most beloved brands, right here.

Hasbro Studios is the award winning, entertainment production division of Hasbro, Inc.

Developer: adRise

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Hasbro Studios 3.48/5 (69.70%) 33 votes

2 Responses to Hasbro Studios

  1. Joseph Glenn McCord says:

    As soon as I saw “Hasbro” I was hoping to see up-to-date MLP stuff. But from what I can tell, it only has Gen 3 stuff, rather than the Gen 1 and Friendship is Magic stuff that’s actually any good.

    At least get Rescue At Midnight Castle!

  2. Topper0242 says:

    I was looking forward to seeing classic G.I.Joe and Transformers, but didn’t find what i was looking for, especially G.I.Joe. A bit disappointing. Better off buying the complete series on DVD, which includes the PSAs.

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