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Happykids entertains and educates kids of all ages with music, stories and activity guides. Download this free channel and make your kids happy.


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14 Responses to HappyKids

  1. Maria says:

    My 2 year old was watching today and a commercial of a joint and cigarette smoking appeared. I am furious. I will be calling Roku and complaining. This is rediculous and then I am reading other posts about Viagra commercials. Please everyone make a complaint to Roku.

  2. Wayne says:

    We had the 4-6 category playing for our Grand kids and on comes a commercial for Summers Eve Feminine Hygiene Products. What dimwit thinks this appropriate on a kids channel. We wont be using this channel anymore.

  3. My family loves HappyKids just for the variety of programming that they offer for children. Education content matches exactly with my daughter is doing at her school and it reinforces stuff she learns at school. Some of the shows have extraordinary music! Overall what an amazing resource to parent all for FREE!

  4. Was watching happy kids2 with my five year old and then an adult ad comes on about these people wanting to have sex with each other and then they get physical with each other. Not happy about this at all. Roku does not need to be in business with happy kids if their ads on kids channels are sexually explicit

  5. John says:

    Lots of good content but too many advertisements. If there was a paid version without the ads I would consider adding that channel back.

  6. Ducks223 says:

    Teaches children how to get a boner with prescriptions.

  7. Kate O'Connor says:

    I am very upset! My 4 year old was watching Happy Kids, which is a “channel” with rhyming and nursery songs for toddlers. After the songs, a commercial comes on. It was for Viagra! This is totally unacceptable for a children’s channel!

  8. andy says:

    Good songs, decent channels but removing due to bad adds for my kids

  9. dp says:

    more than kids rhymes, they are bombarded with sex and condom add. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Agatha Pema says:

    Who in the world is approving the commercials on this channel?? The Cox Contour zombie commercial has terrified and traumatized my 4 year old to the point that he is having nightmares and will not sleep on his own!! Who in their right mind though that was an appropriate commercial for a channel entitled, “Happy Kids” and “Happy Kids Bible Stories”?! THE COMMERCIALS ARE NOT SAFE OR SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN!!

  11. dawnshine says:

    The commercial recently on this channel for some TV show are speaking
    about SEX and Affairs and SEXUAL INTEREST. Before was not so, but this
    IS NOT CHILDREN FRIENDLY!! Because of such ads.

  12. Robert says:

    Bet You Didn’t Know show is NOT appropriate for kids. There’s some interesting stuff on the channel, but doesn’t seem like anyone’s keeping track of the content.

  13. PHP says:

    Previously, in Happy Kids, ‘Children Love to Sing’ songs used to come under Action Songs. Now they are removed. It would be great if they add ‘Children Love To Song’ Action songs. My kid loves them.

  14. Kate Roberts Dlugozima says:

    Overall ok, but be aware that this channel is obviously not monitored and some content on this channel is inappropriate, such as a joke referencing the Aryan Brotherhood during a “facts about cats” program. WTH was that?

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