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A gateway for listening to Transmit on Roku.

Recent topics include DNS ddos Attacks, Javascript Malware, Kim Dotcom, Rockets and Space Shuttles, Martin Shkreli and more.

During testing the audio content loaded very quickly. Enjoy listening to Transmit with Hackers on Roku? Let everyone know below using the comments or stars, thank you.



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  1. Rob Ricci says:

    I added the channel to my Roku and all the podcasts are available to listen to. An interesting quirk I found: On the time bar (not sure if that’s what’s it’s called) the number on the right, the one that shows the time remaining keeps changing….yeah, yeah, I know it’s supposed to change every minute, but if you let me explain……Thank you. the number keeps changing. It will go something like…42….41..40.39.37……..38………….39

    I’m going to send this to the developer.

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