• Giniko Private Roku Channel
  • Giniko Private Roku Channel
  • Giniko Private Roku Channel
  • Giniko Private Roku Channel
  • Giniko Private Roku Channel
  • Giniko Private Roku Channel
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The Giniko Private Roku Channel contains many streaming options for you to choose from.

We have compiled the following list of available content within the Channel:

2M Monde
Watch 2M Monde and listen to radio stations live from Moroco.

3ABN International
Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN).

3ABN Proclaim TV
Three Angeles Broadcasting Network (3ABN).

ABC News Albania
This options says “Coming Soon” and would not play content.

AD Sport 1
Arabic sports television station.

Adjara TV
Georgian Public Television.

Al Hayat 2
Arabic television channel.

Al Jazeera English
24-Hour English language news and current affairs tv channel.

Aletejah TV
An Iraqi, independent channel.

Angel TV
International Media Group, christian lifestyle programming.

Asre Emrooz TV
LA based Iranian TV channel.

Nationwide TV channel in Turkey.

Azeri TeleVision for Azerbaijan.

BBC News
BBC entertainment, news, current affairs and arts coverage for the UK.

News and current affairs, Sports, Children, features, entertainment.

Business Headlines and live coverage of financial markets.

Hybrid business/financial and entertainment channel.

The largest Russian language Christian television network.

CNN International
Delivers breaking news from across the globe, top stories and more.

CNN Turk
Breaking News from the country of Turkey, top stories, sports.

Comedy Club Russia
Russian stand-up comedy TV show.

Christian Television Network.

Das Erste
Principal publicly owned television channel in Germany.

American evangelical Christian television religious broadcasts.

Deutsche Welle
DW is Germany’s international broadcaster. Broadcast in 30 languages.

Divine TV
Indian Christian Television

DMAX Italy
Men’s lifestyle channel operated by Discovery Networks Deutschland.

Thai cable television channel concerned with Buddhism.

Turkish television channel, often times broadcasts american series.

Ebru TV
A wholesome and exhilarating experience for family viewers.

Emmanuel TV
Africa’s largest Christian television network.

24-Hour news broadcaster on South African and African stories.

France 24 English
International News and current affairs.

France 24 French
International News and current affairs television channel.

Gem TV
Movies & documentaries including America’s got talent, The X Factor.

24-Hour programming (16 hours live broadcast).

Imedi TV
Georgian channel.

Jewish News One
JN1 is an international news station focusing on Judaism related events.

Kanal D
(Channel D) is a nationwide television channel in Turkey.

Kazakh TV
The first satellite channel of Kazakhstan.

Kentron TV
Armenian Channel.

Music Television Channel in Turkey. 24/7 on-air hosts.

Owned by Jalal Talbani’s Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

UK based Christian television station.

LRT Lithuanica
Broadcasts 24 hours a day, Lithuanian public television channel.

Maestro TV
Georgian television channel.

Miami TV
Flagship trendsetting entertainment channel.

24-Hour HD music and entertainment.

Nasch TV
Entertainment television station.

Iranian, 24-hours Persian language television channel.

NTA International
Nigerian Television claims to run the biggest network in Africa.

Turkish nationwide television news channel.

NTV Spor
This content was unavailable and was marked as “Coming Soon”.

ORA News
Broadcast news from Albania.

Oromiyaa TV
Ethiopian TV Channel.

English content for West African communities in the United States.

Office of Radio and Television of Mali, West Africa, Mailian content.

Peace TV Bangla
Live events, lecturing programs for adults and youths.

Peace TV English
English. Live events, lecturing programs for adults and youths.

TV series, reality shows, music videos and talk shows in Farsi.

Polo TV
Polish language television station with disco, dance, music of peace.

Press TV
24-Hour English language news organization of Iran.

PTV Global
Broadcast by Pakistan Television Corporation. Offered in EU and US.

Public Movies
This content was unavailable and was marked as “Coming Soon”.

Qatar TV
Exposing the sights, sounds and tastes of Qatar to the rest of the world.

Multinational corporation specializing in televised home shopping.

RTPi America
Mix of programming aimed at portuguese migrant communities.

First general public television channel of Senegal.

Russia Today
RT is an international multilingual Russian-based television network.

Rustavi 2
Diverse range of quality TV programs. Republic of Georgian.

Samanyolu TV
Official News program that broadcasts locally and internationally.

Saudi Sports I
Saudi Sports Channel. Professional League Football in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi TV 1
Arabic news and entertainment channel of Saudi Arabia.

Show TV
Nation-wide television channel in Turkey.

24-Hour British and international satellite news broadcaster.

Start TV
Turkish nationwide television channel.

Syrian TV
Syrian Satellite Channel broadcasts mostly Arabic content.

TBN Rodnoy
Russian public television.

Tele Anacaona
First Haitian television station to be broadcast to the United States.

Tele Congo
National television of the Republic of Congo. News in French.

Italy based, Roman Catholic Programming.

Thai satellite television channel featuring 24 hour programs.

The Africa Channel UK
African English language television series and documentaries.

The Word Network
Largest African-American religious network.

First television channel in Turkey.

TRT Cocuk
Turkish television channel, broadcasts cartoons for children 24/7.

TRT Muzik
House Music Channel including entertainment shows.

TRT Turk
Education, Culture, Drama, Entertainment with commercials.

This content was unavailable. A “Coming Soon” message was shown.

TV Verdade
English and Portugues preaching 24/7.

TV24 Batumi
This content was not available. A “Coming Soon” message was shown.

Atlanta’s premier internet television station.

TVC News
pan-African Channel, African/World events.

TVGE Internacional
Equatoguineano Television. Live TV.

USArmenia TV
Entertainment and News for the large Armenian American community.

Vietface TV
Vietnamese news, entertainment, art and culture.

Vietnamese worldwide channel launched in 2000.

Yemen TV
Contains selection of programs from Yemen TV1 and Yemen TV2.

Public-service German Television including Wetten Dass.


2 Minute Video Preview of the Giniko Private Roku Channel

Many of these channels streamed HD quality content. Of note is the small but noticeable watermark on every channel that says “Broadcast by” in the top-left corner of the picture.

Overall a huge selection of streaming content. Do you enjoy streaming content on your Roku with the Giniko Channel? Let us know in the comments.

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    any solution?

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    roku prob banned it cause they airing Presstv

  3. marina says:

    why don’t work

  4. Guest says:


  5. Unhappy Camper says:

    Roku took it down do to a contract with Dish network. Apparently, within this contract, they are not allowed to air international channels. More corporate bull#### from the same corporations we are trying to avoid. I will now disown my roku.

  6. Nat Ramnan says:

    Same here

  7. Guest says:

    Hi, I’m logged into my Canadian Roku account and when I click on the “Add to my Roku” button above it says it’s not a valid code. Is there something else I need to do? Thanks

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