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Fox News Channel

Developer: Fox News

Watch streaming coverage of the day’s top stories from Live, plus news video on topics from Entertainment to Politics, and clips from all your favorite Fox News Channel shows.


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Fox News Channel 2.56/5 (51.14%) 79 votes

  • TAK1

    Thank you. I dropped cable and i was missing Fox, now I can get it again.

  • tim

    what happened to my fox all I get is the radio

  • irishprepper01

    It sucks but cable and satellite have fox news like whats on tv locked up. You can’t get it on roku. All you get is radio or clips.

  • Jim Manley

    Radio? Come on, you’re not even trying!

  • Rodney

    Yes, the Fox News Channel and Fox Business News IS available on Roku, but not as separate channels.
    They are available through Playstation Vue much like Sling TV.
    Just subscribe to the $30 plan of Playstation Vue through Roku.