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With FOX NOW, watch the latest episodes of your favorite FOX shows, including AMERICAN DAD, AMERICAN IDOL, BOB’S BURGERS, BONES, THE CLEVELAND SHOW, DOES SOMEONE HAVE TO GO?, FAMILY GUY, THE FOLLOWING, GLEE, THE GOODWIN GAMES, HELL’S KITCHEN, HOTEL HELL, KITCHEN NIGHTMARES, MASTERCHEF, THE MINDY PROJECT, NEW GIRL, RAISING HOPE, THE SIMPSONS, and SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, all FREE for customers of participating TV providers. Additionally, all users can watch promotional episodes, behind-the-scenes interviews, clips and special compilations.

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15 Responses to FOX NOW

  1. Ron Carlson says:

    cant find where to put activation code?

  2. Dinna Goodhue says:

    How do I get access so I can watch the super bowl in February?

  3. Paula says:

    We used to watch Fox on our Roku Smart TV, now it wants us to have a provider, it’s through the internet that’s why we bought a ”SMART” TV. We don’t have satellite and Cable isn’t available where we live. That’s why we bought a Smart TV. Why did this change?

  4. Who cares? says:

    Well, 4 commercials every 2-5 minutes. Will not load 50% of the time after commercials. And if it does load, it only takes an hour and a half to watch a half hour show, or it stops and makes you start from the beginning. Honestly, what’s the point in even having this app/channel?

  5. thewookieway says:

    Will you be able to watch American Idol episodes on Fox Now 8 days after they broadcast on ROKU?

  6. Truther58 says:

    Won’t play on my Roku.. I am seeing a server error message. Show says it needs identity verification yet it shows I am logged in.

  7. RAINIE says:

    If I have wifi and Roku stick, why do I have to activate so many programs to watch them. Over and over again–go to http/: & actvate the channel. It’s rather annoying. With cable I just had to go to the channel. This is sickening. I will go to friends and binge watch. Tired of this crap.

  8. shellls says:

    hey everyone, since this channel won’t work right with Roku just go to Hulu, I added to my Roku as well and it never asked for a code.

  9. robin says:

    I have added fox now to my roku box but there is no place to put the activation code

  10. Patricia Templet says:

    how to set up fox won’t let me proceed

  11. katie says:

    how do i activate the fox channel to my roku? i went to the site and there is no where that i can see to put in the code

  12. DaPriz says:

    I don’t have a tv package anymore, just watch ROKU and off air, so I guess I’m out of luck.

  13. Stephen O'Curran says:

    looking to activate with roku and code ?

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