• FlashBack 80's

FlashBack 80’s

Music Videos from the 80’s. Just like the old days when Music Television was invented. Favorites like Michael Jackson, Madonnna, Cyndi Lauper and Devo all played non-stop.

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Developer: MetalMusic.FM


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8 Responses to FlashBack 80’s

  1. Chad says:

    First day I installed the channel, it didn’t work. The next day, I tried again. First video, then a commercial. Second video, then 3 commercials. Third video, then 4 commercials. ***DELETE CHANNEL***

  2. Courtney Clements says:

    Video… commercial. . Video… commercial… The videos are pretty good, but really??

  3. Heather mahon says:

    It’s always on my t.v. love this channel. Would love to see some warrant.white lion and great white videos💗💗💗💗💗

  4. Harry Trump says:

    it works great for me

  5. Sherry Col says:

    This was a great channel.. Now a commercial in between every single video. *delete*

  6. Timothy Bunting says:

    This channel is not currently working I keep getting Invalid settings please check your web admin settings and try again. when I click on it

    • steve chinigo says:

      Try deleting it and then reinstalling it. It should work for you then, plus they have made some changes to the way the channel is broadcast as well. For the better I may say. :)

  7. Jim Dittmer says:

    great channel

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