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EPIX 3.35/5 (67.00%) 20 votes

3 Responses to EPIX

  1. John curran says:

    Why is not epix a stand alone channel? Not available on COMCAST??

  2. Captnhook says:

    Weak badly designed channel in need of an update.
    The PC and iPad versions are much more user friendly.
    Where’s Roku’s my queue? Watched movies? etc?

  3. RobbieSDA says:

    What happened to the EPIX Roku channel? Went into it today, and it has a lot less content available. The Featured movies are still there, but if you go to Movies, there are only 3 options, Documentaries, Originals, and Sci-Fi (I believe they were). Is this temporary at the start of July, or have they pulled way back on their app? Can’t get a full list of movies currently, or even by common categories like Drama, Comedy, Family, etc. If you know anything about this, please share.

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