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Real world on film. Documentary films.

There are no options to choose from when using this channel, video begin streaming immediately.

When you exit and re-open the channel a new video stream begins to play.



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    My review of DOCU (for what it’s worth). No, there is no Real control. I have had it for many years and don’t use it much, but when I do I personally look for WWII docs and the like.
    Anyway, the only way I know to watch it is if you have the following (and lots of it) patience, time & a thirst for knowledge. It only takes a minute or so to decide to watch the doc or ‘spin the wheel’ again and try again! No, you can’t pause, rewind or fast forward. In fact, if you stop or lose a show you liked watching, my personal experience is it isn’t worth EVER trying to find it again! My guess is finding it again would be like winning the lottery!
    The plus, though sometimes overly frequent, ‘most’ of the time commercials are mercifully short. Once watching a show the only remote button usable is volume/mute.
    Perhaps the real attraction is it’s like a ‘grab bag’ or lottery ticket (or ‘box of chocolates’) of docs. You just NEVER know what you’re going to get! If you don’t like the doc & many you will NOT, hit the home button and try, try, and try again! Every now and then you get a good one containing previously unknown info & knowledge! YOU must decide for yourself if it is worth the time & effort!
    Bottom line: IF you have patience, the time to watch uninterrupted and you are a bit of a gambler, especially with your time then go for it! My personal choice of when to chance it is when sick or need to rest your body and free your mind, perhaps take a chance on learning something NEW on DOCU…
    I REALLY Hope this helps YOU & Good Luck!!!

  2. Joseph K. Adams says:

    I seem to be the only person watching Docu, but tonight I can’t do that. The ad that start is is stuck in a loop and keeps repeating and does now allow the next commercial to play, which does not allow the third commercial to show, making impossible to reach the documentary. I have other options and might check back in a few days to see if I can watch something.

  3. Joseph K. Adams says:

    How can I find out the names of documentaries shown on Douc? I was watching the channel when one began with no front piece and I really want to find it for further study. I really enjoy the variety and it is my first go-to when I turn on my TV. I no longer have cable, since a digital antenna, Roku (with Hulu and Netflix) provide me with more hours of viewing options than I can watch.

  4. Charles Bright says:

    You At ROKU should listen to your customers! Bye, Bye Docu. BTW. DocuDrama is so Left-Wing Nut case Out There they need a Cnbc of Documentary to Balance out my thinking! But we can’t filter out more left wing drivel on Docu! Fix-It or F-it. Roku is a great option though. I would like both not looking for a mouthpiece. Roku is the Caller Id. of 2000 century! And Bye Bye for Good Directv! Charlie

  5. Zach M says:

    Like everyone else, I got rid of it too. I don’t get why this channel doesn’t let you choose which documentary you want to watch. Tried it twice over two weeks, thinking there was just a glitch somewhere. Not so much. This channel is a complete and utter waste.

  6. Steve Jones says:

    Stupidest channel ever. If you like a movie and accidentally hit the home button or something to turn it off you can’t come back to it. So dumb. Getting rid of this channel.

  7. TKM says:

    Downloaded the channel just to try it out. Came across a couple of very interesting documentaries that we would like to have watched, but because we were confused about why we couldn’t choose what was playing, we exited and now have no way to resume those shows. What a ridiculous concept! I think we would really enjoy the programs this channel offers, but we can’t watch the ones we want!

  8. wcovington says:

    great documentaries would love to be able to select , maybe that is a feature in the near feature

  9. Stupid Channel says:

    Possibly the worst channel Roku has to offer. You can’t choose want you want to watch, it simply starts playing a documentary once you open the channel. Really!!!?? How absurd is that!

  10. No Regrets says:

    this channel has the potential for greatness…. every show is well narrated, and so good but between an interruption of some stupid advertising (Same one plays 10 times thru the Documentary, or the non ability to control anything is completely baffling to me. Are they watching it themselves? Do they want any one to watch? Are they even from this planet? They turned wonderful content from a 10 to a 1

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