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Developer: DailyMotion


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Dailymotion 2.97/5 (59.31%) 29 votes

  • CB

    I tried to watch the F1 race from Abu Dahby this morning through my Roku box. DailyMotion would open ok but wasn’t able to actually find an open window to the race. I enjoyed watching the live stream of the LeMans race in June on DailyMotion but not this time. Each time I opened one of the selections available on DailyMotion today there would be a few seconds of pre-view but would would then stop. Never did find the race being streamed even tho many titles said this was the location for 11-23. I attempted to manually login to check if that was necessary. The ap didn’t seem to respond to the attempt. Doesn’t Roku automatically log me into the selected channels? What am I doing wrong?

  • Mike Smith

    It is just a tease. You CANNOT search for any content that would require the Age Gate to be set to off. It is very aggravating to open a video and then go to the source and find “No Videos” on the screen. If it is a video that you have tagged as a “Like” or that appears in the Subscriptions section then you may watch it: but nothing else.

  • andre youn

    i am a user from brasil. everything was working fine but suddenly last week dailymotion channel stop working. what should i do? The other channels dont have any problem

  • anonuk

    Not working now for a week on a Roku 2 stick. What’s going on with this channel? Does anyone at Roku know?

  • Mimi Fifi

    daily motion not working on roku for me either.

  • Doltsbane

    Dead as a doornail. I wonder if the developer of Videobuzz could be persuaded to add Dailymotion to his channel?