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Roku Payment Methods

What payment methods does Roku support?

For the latest pricing information please visit the Roku website and your Roku account at the following url:

As of October 11, 2013 Roku was accepting Paypal payments as well as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover card.

You can use the URL above to view the different payment methods that are accepted and to change your current funding method.


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Add New Roku to Roku Account

How to Add a new Roku box to your Roku Account If you’ve purchased another Roku box or have upgraded to the latest model you will need to attach the device to your already existing account. To do this follow the instructions below: Visit Enter the Link Code shown

Add a Private Channel on Roku

How to Add a Private Channel on Roku Roku supports public and private channels. Public channels appear on the Channel Store online and on your Roku. Public channels are reviewed by Roku before appearing on the Channel Store. Private channels are not advertised or reviewed by Roku and require a

View Roku Purchase History

How to View Roku Purchase History To view your Roku Purchase history use the following link: To view an item in detail press the Details link to the right of each purchase. Each item should detail the order date, invoice number and channel name. At the top of the

Set a PIN on Roku

How to Set a PIN for your Roku It’s easy to set a PIN for your Roku and is a smart decision to prevent unauthorized or unintentional purchases. To begin navigate to Press the button in the middle under “Pin Preference”. Roku provides you with three pin

Unsubscribe Roku Channel

Cancel a recurring Roku channel

  How to Cancel a recurring Roku Channel If you no longer wish to subscribe to a recurring paid Roku Channel use the instructions below: Method One – Using the Remote and Roku Press the star key on your Roku Remote. Select Manage Subscription. Method One – Using a Web Browser

Enable Development Mode on Roku

How to Enable Development Mode on your Roku To enable development mode on your Roku press the following combination on your remote: Press Home before starting to return to the main screen, that’s where you should begin. To disable, repeat and select “disable installer”.