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channel PEAR is a collaborative, cloud-based media library that lets you instantly add, manage, and watch content across your favorite devices from free-to-air channels, our community media database, and more.

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Developer: Jidly


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channel PEAR 3.25/5 (65.10%) 51 votes

10 Responses to channel PEAR

  1. gloria reardon says:

    Is it available on any other device?

  2. k1nng says:

    Now Not available on ROKU!

  3. Prickly Pear says:

    As of Oct 24 2017 Channel Pear for Roku has been removed by Roku for third party copyright infringement and violation of Roku terms of service.same as XTV and XTV2.

  4. pmg says:

    Doesn’t work . you’ll get only a few channels. I asked them for money back and they didn’t refund my money.

  5. mary says:

    que bueno este canal,se jodieron las companias de cable.

  6. Jerry R. Barton Sr. says:

    I love it it saves me over $1,200.00 yearly over cable and satelite TV not all of the channels work all of the time but I am not choosy!

  7. RetroUltraModern says:

    I love ChannelPear! What brilliant concept!

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