• Channel9


Channel 9 is a private roku channel with on-demand videos about the people building Microsoft Products and Services.

Available options include:

  • Newest
  • The Degrag Show
  • This Week
  • Cloud Cover
  • The Knowledge Chamber
  • Silverlight TV
  • Inside Xbox
  • Hot Apps
  • Ping
  • Hansel Minutes
  • Checking In

During testing content from the Channel9 private Roku Channel loaded quickly and was at or near HD quality.

Which content on the Channel9 Private Roku Channel do you enjoy?
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2 Responses to Channel9

  1. ronclabo says:

    This channel only seems to have old episodes on it. I wish it had the latest videos from Build 2015 and such. It’d be so cool to watch current Microsoft Channel 9 videos on Roku.

  2. nemowho says:

    Has this channel been abandoned, content-wise? No updates on this site or on the channel itself. (Although “dissecting IE9 performance” is exciting, it’s pretty dated….)

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