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Visit any website. Enter any url or browse from favorites including News, Weather, Sports, Entertainment and more. The Browser Roku App requires a monthly subscription.

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Developer: Share Media LLC


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5 Responses to Browser

  1. Ken_In_Las_Vegas_NV says:

    A browser that will play html5 or flash is very basic an should be included for free.

  2. Deb off Air says:

    The link just leads to the Roku add channel site, but gives no way to actually add this channel and no code is given

  3. cindy says:

    Approx how much/ month? state in us or canadian $

  4. MEL B says:

    what is the channel access code for this Browser

  5. Tyler C. says:

    Been waiting for an app like this on roku for a long time. Good on roku!

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