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Bizarre TV

A free live 24 hr. horror streaming channel with a twist of bizarre stuff and grind house movies with fun vintage commercials and trailers too! Public domain movies as you never seen them before!

Not your average TV!

During testing the video loaded quickly. Let us know what you think by using the stars or comments below.

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Bizarre TV 4.18/5 (83.54%) 130 votes

12 Responses to Bizarre TV

  1. Dave Algiere says:

    Rest in peace Rhonda , you will be missed.

  2. rwp24382 says:

    I watch mainly Bizarre TV and Cryptic TV are the channels I have watched the most for several months on my ROKU. Why all of a sudden has Bizarre taken its channel off the air? I always enjoyed watching the old commercials from the 50’s and 60’s. I feel there is a void in the ROKU line up, by not having the channel operational. Why did they stop?

  3. Television88 says:

    Oh BTW……I added your channel to my Favorites and if you only knew what an honor that is as I am incredibly selective. Ten years online and only 97 Favorites.

  4. Television88 says:

    Awesome awesome and even more awesome. Wish you had some gay content….like Queer Edge with Sandra Bernhard or Graham Norton.

  5. Sephus says:

    great station one of my favorites!!

  6. Dreamy says:

    love this channel!

  7. midnightcyn says:

    I’m enjoying the selections, but really would like to have a schedule to see when you are airing your content (at least the feature films.)

  8. BizarreTv Roku says:

    @Barry Peeples first off NO ONE is giving Bizarre TV any money of any sorts. People have offered but Bizarre TV has declined all offers. And Bizarre TV is NOT trying to copy anyone. This is a full functional channel that was made for fun and to have a stream running all the time. Cryptic TV is great…I watch it but let’s be honest…it is NOT always running properly but it is a great channel. Bizarre TV was a dream that I had ever since my early twenties. I have always had a love for vintage/retro stuff and I am also a collector. Bizarre TV just wants to provide entertainment running on Roku as to there are not any streaming channels that are always on with content streaming 24/7 besides Cryptic TV. And Bizarre TV is not an exact copy I believe. So many people have same thing going…The fact is most of us have the same ideas. Sorry that you are negative about having another Horror channel streaming. I wish you the best…Happy Streaming!

    • ConcernedParent says:

      I am canceling my cable because I love my ROKU 2 so much. :D just wanted to say out of all the channels offered BIZARRE TV is my favorite. :)

  9. George Spell says:

    I want to know how to donate to them They’re awesome and I want to help support with money or labor.

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