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Collective Heritage Institute – Bioneers is a non-profit New Mexico corporation founded in 1990 by Kenny Ausubel and Nina Simons. The overarching mission of Bioneers is the advancement of holistic education pertaining to global social, cultural and environmental issues.

Bioneers identifies progressive yet nature-honoring solutions to rising challenges of instability, inequality, and unsustainable growth and disseminates this knowledge via independent media, events, and community action networks.

Core efforts of the organization include:

– Producing the National Bioneers Conference, now in its 24th year, where prominent and emergent scientific, sustainability, economic, environmental, social justice, diversity, and innovation experts convene to discuss and present their works to the public;

– Producing the award-winning Bioneers: Revolution from the Heart of Nature radio series for mass public radio distribution at no charge;

– Producing filmed lectures and content from the National Bioneers Conference for free online viewing by the public and educators, and;

– Organizing community action networks to spread holistic education at the local level via Bioneers media viewing events.

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