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Aquarium Screensaver

Developer: TheEndless

Turn your television into a relaxing aquarium or a stunning living oil painting with a variety of tropical fish and a dynamic and colorful coral reef. Also know the time and weather at a glance! Additional themes and content are also available for purchase via the custom settings screen.


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Aquarium Screensaver 2.88/5 (57.50%) 8 votes

One Response to Aquarium Screensaver

  1. K W says:

    WTH Roku! You added a Roku logo to the aquarium screensaver I purchased without a logo several years ago! I bought it without any logo imprinted on the scene and you have now decided it was ok to implant your logo on something I already paid for that had no logo on it. I DO NOT WANT AN AQUARIUM SCENE WITH THE WORD ROKU CARVED INTO A ROCK!

    Remove the logo or refund the purchase price. This is not what I paid for. Shame on you.

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