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Enjoy Amazon Instant Video on your Roku streaming player. Amazon Instant Video has more than 140,000 titles, including new release movies and in-season TV episodes to rent or purchase. Purchased movies and TV episodes appear in Your Video Library, to enjoy anytime. In addition, Amazon Prime members can watch thousands of videos at no additional cost to their membership.

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48 Responses to Amazon Instant Video

  1. Slack29 says:

    IT’S HERE!!! lol I didn’t actually check yet tho.

  2. leah liddiard says:

    Install prime video. Use Google home to cast your device to the roku…. simple.

    • leah liddiard says:

      Or use the “smartview” button in your settings. Each phone is different I’m sure. But just cast your phone to the roku, and then launch prime video

    • D. says:

      It isn’t that simple Leah, when you cast your audio drops to stereo. Why would I pay for a high def, surround sound video service to lower the video and audio quality? I bet ROKU with the stand alone units and the TVs it is built into is probably the #1 device in its category. They could go to Amazon and tell them to start providing the service in our countries.

  3. Danny Giroux says:

    If after an entire year, Roku as a whole does not make a single comment or post about this.. it isn’t going to happen, unfortunately. This is officially the bottom rung of customer support.

    • Trevor Dubinsky says:

      Let’s be fair, this is not Roku’s fault. Amazon is the party involved in making the channel public. Roku’s fault in this is not showing it is advocating for its users by pressuring Amazon. If they could show they are doing that it wouldn’t matter if the channel came or not, it would show they care and that Amazon sucks…

      • Danny Giroux says:

        Maybe I should have been more clear.. however that was my point. Roku doesn’t seem to be taking any steps to speak on behalves, and to provide full transparency and let the customers know what’s up.

    • Jim says:

      Its been promised over and over.. where is this app for CANDA?? WTF??? I will never buy roku again thanks to this.

  4. Kurt says:

    I thought prime video was on here in canada. Really disappointing, I’m going to have to return and go with a fire stick..

  5. PLEASE fix your Amazon Video channel. I HATE how cumbersome it is to sift through all the movies I’ve purchased. Please make it possible to organize my movies myself! At the very least, alphabetically? It takes me AGES to find movies and I’ve even accidentally bought movies twice because one was a “theatrical” version and another “with bonus features.” There should be some safe guard that pops up saying “It looks like this title is already in your library. Click OK to view or click PURCHASE to continue with this purchase.” Cmon, y’all are amazing. I think you can make it happen.

  6. Shmo says:

    It’s available in Canada now!! Haha, just kidding. Not available until Christmas 2025.

  7. aaronthuff says:

    Canada please! Need my Grand Tour… need me to develop the app for you?

  8. Danny Giroux says:

    I was recommending Roku 3 years ago left right and center to all friends and family.
    Then more things than Netflix and Youtube came about.. and their channels unsurprisingly did not come out on Roku………… After contacting Roku and receiving clueless service with seemingly no interest to talk about what is in Canada.. and leaving Canadians in the cold with the Roku premium channel, I no longer recommend it.

    Android boxes have now matured to the point that when they are paired with a proper controller, they are a much better experience that offer all of the missing features.

    On that very uninteresting call to support, the tech was telling me that it is up to the channel provider to provide the app………. So basically Amazon probably thinks hey, we’re on Android and Apple stores, Samsung and other tv providers already do have their own smart tv apps as well.. and they can also buy Amazon Fire tv devices now (even though we only have the basic fire stick at the moment).

    If you’re not in the US, I’d suggest moving on as Roku isn’t interested in your business.. they already have your money from the initial purchase. It’s sort of an idiot move, yet there it is.

  9. Mike Rowley says:

    Roku PLEASE put pressure and/or incentives on Amazon to have this channel supported in Canada (and globally). I can no longer recommend Roku until Amazon Prime and other major streaming services are available in Canada. Without support for major streaming services Roku will start to loose market share (no matter how many TVs it is stuffed into) and go the way of Windows Mobile (dodo).

    • Jim says:

      Yes this is dumb.. been well over a year and still no roku app in canada for amazon prime.. I will never buy roku again.

      • Jack says:

        With no Amazon prime on ROKU in canada, I will never buy ROKU again.

        • Gav says:

          Just looking to see if Roku has the channel, nope, thanks for the info. Hey Roku – just lost a purchaser. Hint hint.

          • Johnny says:

            I don’t think the problem is about Roku. I think it’s Amazon that did not develop Chan for Roku Canada. I reaaly don’t think that Roku develop every single channel.

  10. bizulk says:

    F***ck not available in France !

  11. Mark Y says:

    not available in Canada? kicking Amazon Prime AND Roku premiere + to the curb. returning it on Monday. That’s 190 bucks both Roku and Amazon won’t get. you guys must love losing money!

  12. Thomas says:

    Needs a Canada app, the app is for the USA and doesn’t work good at all.

  13. Joe says:

    Kick Roku to the curb – useless junk. Get an Android box. They have had nothing but time to add Amazon Prime , but refuse.

    • Sean says:

      They arent refusing, its an Amazon to approve the app. If they havent by now, they may soon, as they finally approved Alexa devices for Canada as well. Either way it is in no way the fault of Roku..

  14. Loy says:

    Got 2 rokus so I won’t be signing up for Amazon Prime until the channel is available.

  15. Terry says:

    Amazon Prime not on Roku?
    what geniuses think its cool to make us wait?
    I’m getting rid of Roku and ditching Prime….A*holes!!!

  16. Simon Rivest says:

    Bring it to Canada

  17. nick jamison says:

    When will Amazon Prime become available in Canada?

  18. Dan says:

    Yet another highly frustrated Canadian user waiting for this here. Was told ‘soon’ over 6 months ago.

  19. Juan Salazar says:

    anyone already with the channel code?

  20. Mike says:

    I realize as Canadians we are not a priority being one tenth of the US population, However, Amazon Instant Video is available to us, it would be a kindness if it could be added to Roku’s somewhat sparse lineup of channels.

    Thanks in advance
    Every Canadian Roku owner :-D

  21. These assholes want you to buy a amazon fire. Fuck you for not getting this app working in canada. You pieces of shit are why Netflix is wiping their ass with your shitty customer service.

  22. Adolfo says:

    My Roku streaming stick does not have Amazon Prime Video. I have a subscription with Amazon Prime Video and I catch it OK on my Android tablet and Android smartphone. However, my LG smart TV does not have it. That is why I bought my Roku stick. But it does not have it, and it does not let add it. What can I do?

  23. Greg says:

    Why is there no information about Amazon available in Canada? Very frustrating on both the part of Roku and Amazon to have no information.

  24. Msfjfj says:

    I live in Argentina and Amazon it’s working here, but roku don’t have me the option to add it.

  25. James Brown says:

    Yet more requests for access from Canada…soon!

  26. Anon says:

    Please make this available to canada. If someone can contact roku directly to make a formal request, that would really help.

  27. Paul Moir says:

    Someday in Canada perhaps?
    What’s the holdup?

  28. Would really like this to be available in Canada!

  29. Francois Dompierre says:

    When will it be available in Canada? Will it even ever be available? It’s very frustrating to be kept in the dark. If you’re working on it and have a very wide ETA, it would be very nice of you to let us know. Even if the ETA is very approximative, like 3-6 months. I bought the Roku just for watching Amazon (there’s even an Amazon button on my remote), and now I don’t even know if I should sell it or wait because I can’t find out if the Roku channel will ever be offered in Canada. Amazon Prime Video has been available in Canada for two months now, and its impossible to get any kind of info from Amazon or Roku on this. Very bad customer service from both companies.

  30. Jenny says:

    I do not see Amazon Prime on my channel list and haven’t been able to download it… is it not available internationally? I currently reside in Colombia…

  31. Ion says:

    Is this available in Canada yet?

  32. Trevor says:

    When will this be made available in Canada?

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