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TV to TV video/photo sharing is here!

AirCastLive is a mobile video and photo messaging service for your TV. The AirCastLive service is comprised of three key components: mobile, web ( and Smart TV applications, all connect by a private cloud.

AirCastLive will change the way that you interact with your TV!

Users can upload their personal videos or photos into their account from their computer, and then immediately view it on their TV using their Roku. Once the content is in their account, user can then share that content by sending it to another user’s TV using our “AirCast It” feature. All while sitting on their couch, using the Roku remote!

Using the optional AirCastLive mobile app (iPhone & Android) users can shoot a video, or take a photo anywhere in the world, and send it to another user’s TV in anywhere in the world!

Imagine recording your child’s first steps, and sharing that special moment by sending it from your phone directly to your family member’s TV in another city or state. Now you can with AirCastLive!

Whether it’s Mobile to TV, or TV to TV, AirCastLive helps you capture, save, and share, all of life’s moments on the largest screen in the house-even if it’s not yours! So get AirCasting today!


Developer: AirCast Mobile


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  1. RobbieSDA says:

    Downloaded the Roku app to my Roku 3. Then created an AirCastLive account. Finally, uploaded a single JPG photo through their web site to see how well it works. The upload went fine, but when I try to view it on my Roku, the screen just goes and stays black. I can hit the back arrow on the remote to go back to the apps menu, but I never see the picture. Not exactly impressive. Comments or ideas to resolve this?

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