Add a Private Channel on Roku

How to Add a Private Channel on Roku

Roku supports public and private channels. Public channels appear on the Channel Store online and on your Roku. Public channels are reviewed by Roku before appearing on the Channel Store. Private channels are not advertised or reviewed by Roku and require a special code or keyword to add to your Roku box.

If you have obtained a private channel code for Roku use the following instructions to add the private channel to your Roku:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the private channel keyword and click Add Channel.
  3. View the rating and pricing information and press Yes, Add Channel.
  4. Return to your Roku and visit Settings then System Update.
  5. Press Check Now to update the channels on your Roku.

The private channel should now be on your Roku and available for use.

From you can also add other channels including public, private and beta channels as long as you have the appropriate code.

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