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  1. KB says:

    Trying to play Chaplin Channel on my Roku, it won’t play. Roku said, “this channel is no longer available. Please check with the channel owner for more information

  2. Dana Tavenner says:

    I am watching NOVA on this channel so it is working now Have not tried other videos on this.

  3. Mantobba says:

    Nothing seems to work on this channel.

  4. Anne says:

    just added this today. it has natgeo wild and smithsonian channel.

  5. Dude1jon says:

    For some reason the loading screen that says LoaDiNg it said I’LL BE BACK and then it immedeitly went to the fish screen and the fish didnt look normal. Im pretty scared right now. It didnt even goto a commercial or anything and and the FisHi logo in the bottom-right wasnt there. The Blue fish that is in the background was actually looking at me around the room. Im not going to sleep.

  6. Carter_Burger67 says:

    Added Mullet to my channels. Tried watching Skynard’s performance on The Old Grey Whistle Test. It inturrupted “Call Me the Breeze” for a Myspace ad. When it inturrupted “Sweet Home Alabama” for a Mobil ad, I deleted it from my channels. I understand spots are nesssessary, but when you cut them into the content of the show, that’s where I draw the line.

  7. Darkguardian says:

    The maker of broken apps. Fishi being the most recent. Someone posted the issue 4 months ago it wasn’t running even though the company’s animated logo and commercials ran fine.
    Instead of a screen saver, I get the below.

  8. donnasheasby says:

    Same Here. I get nothing but the featured movies in demand. There are no other ones available.

  9. Joseph Kolozsy says:

    some of the shows, videos, or movies that we choose on 8ctave channels are not coming thru. We pick them to watch and the blue retrieving line comes up and then the screen goes to green lettering on the left side, a white space line to an OK button on the right side. How can we watch these shows?

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